Free Destinations Guide to Inspire Your Next Vacation

Need inspiration for your next vacation? Download your free Destinations Guide filled with everything you need to start planning your next vacation including the best locations, what to pack, what to expect, and how to prepare for your yachting experience.

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Whether you are looking to get away with the fam, celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary, the yachting experience is a perfect way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Inside the Destinations Guide, you’ll find some of the most beautiful regions to visit onboard your own luxury yacht with destinations that are best explored with your guests and on your own time, without being stuck in a line or rushed with the crowd. 

This is your own private and personalized experience to savor and treasure as you embark on an unforgettable adventure from deserted islands to popping nightlife to vibrant culture to wildlife adventures and more…

Your free guide is filled with dozens of travel ideas from around the globe. 

Imagine going from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to the beaches of the Caribbean and the great superyacht meccas of the Mediterranean. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

You’d be surprised to learn that luxury yachting vacations are more affordable and attainable than you think.

Download your copy now and start putting your travel plans in motion!

Yacht Charters vs. Cruise Lines

The value of embarking on a yacht vacation or chartering a private yacht far outweighs the cruise experience. Especially when it comes to health safety. 

For starters, you’re not having to share space with over 3,000 other passengers who may or may not potentially have a transmittable illness. With a private yacht, you get peace of mind and a more personalized experience.  

With a yacht charter, you also have the flexibility you wouldn’t otherwise have on a cruise line. You make the schedule and create your own itinerary while allowing you to choose your own adventure versus being rushed in with the crowd. 

Vacationing on a private yacht versus a cruise also opens up the opportunity to explore secluded destinations a cruise wouldn’t be able to access. So, you can stop and go wherever you’d like which renders a stress-free and relaxing vacation experience.  

The Benefits

Yacht charters put private yachts on a whole new level of luxury with 5-Star service and a clean, covid-free environment that includes having your own privacy to your own personal chef preparing fresh meals daily according to your lifestyle preference to a luxury yacht fully stocked with your favorite drinks, foods and snacks to a crew dedicated to you and your guests only. The focus is solely on your vacation – One you get to customize every aspect of as you desire. 

Unlike cruise ships, where you are just a number on the ship.

Don’t forget to download your free Destinations Guide to start planning your next vacation!

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