My Story

My Story 

My name is Sandra Campillo and this is my blog.

I started this blog as Raw & Alive back in 2015 and it quickly became solely about food – not at all why I had started it to begin with. So, in 2019, I brought it to an end. 

I had to break away so I could find my way. 

What I learned is that yes, it begins with food, but it doesn’t end there. It’s an evolution, a healing journey and life transformation of the mind, body and spirit.  

You see, when you care enough about what you fuel your body with, you begin to care about what you fuel your mind and spirit with – laying the foundation and then the building blocks to creating a healthier, happier, more peaceful and abundant life.

Living raw, vegan and plant-based is a lifestyle, not just a diet. It’s an awakening of the senses, self-discovery and reconnection – not only with ourselves, but with nature, the animals and our planet.

Ultimately, allowing us to align with the best version of ourselves. is a holistic lifestyle and travel site, focused on providing content around veganism, eco-tourism, and holistic wellness with topics that include – 

  • activities and experiences
  • eco-friendly accommodations
  • wellness retreats
  • vegan living
  • cruelty-free beauty
  • sustainable fashion 


With 10 years living predominantly raw vegan, and venturing into the unknown as an entrepreneur, I have tried and explored just about every program, tool, and service out there, and through it all, have become an expert wanderluster and evolving pro-blogger!

I’m here to inspire you to pursue your wanderlust dreams while living holistically and cruelty-free – with compassion for life, the animals, and our planet. 

My intention is to help you do this through my experiences, and learnings, along with providing you with essential tools, resources, guides, hacks, travel tips, and more. 

Before I became intentional and conscious of my actions, I had no idea what living eco or vegan was about until after college when I decided to pursue my certification in holistic nutrition and natural health.

Here’s how it all went down (Timeline) – 

2010: I Broke Through My Limiting Beliefs

Years after being rejected from transferring my credits to the community college and giving up on school, I decided to give it another go. This time directly into the university. 

As it turned out, I was accepted into the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and decided that I would do whatever it took to never have to work for anyone, be restricted, limited or be taken advantage of by an employer ever again. 

We are unlimited beings with our own unique gifts to help us design the life of our dreams. We were meant to live a life of abundance, not be limited or restricted from living life to the fullest or doing what we love. 

2011: I Became an Unemployed College Adult Student 

I was given an ultimatum from my job to either choose my job or school. When I chose to continue going to school full-time, my job quickly dwindled down to nothing and was told there was no more work for me. Still, I continued on – challenges and all. Nothing was stopping me now!

2012: I Came Close to Losing My Unemployment Benefits 

Because of a governmental decision to end unemployment benefits short, I would soon be losing access to my unemployment checks. But just as they were about to end, I received a notice that my unemployment benefits were extended one more year! Once again, God came through for me as he always does. 

Despite the challenges, stress and overwhelm, I continued to stay focused and positive, never losing sight of my vision.

2013: I Graduated from the University of North Carolina 

I graduated UNCC with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice while at the same time, my daughter graduated with a B.S. in Biology from the University of Wilmington! 

This was after overcoming some major hurdles which meant getting through my worst courses – Math and Research Methods – both of which I did not like in the least. At one point, I had no idea how I was going to get through it. I just knew that if I had come this far, I had to find a way. So, I did!

2014: Unable to Find a Job After College

So much happened in this year alone. For starters, I struggled to find a job, leaving me to question if going back to school was truly worth giving up my dead-end job, house and steady income. 

A lot of changes took place this year…

One, I didn’t expect to be unemployed for so long. I thought after college, I would have a better chance at finding a better job with better pay. Instead, it was worse. It was like starting over. Employers wanted post-college work experience. Which meant, all the years of accumulated knowledge and experience prior to college, counted for nothing.  

Two, I wasn’t expecting my parents to move back to Florida which left me in a bind since I was counting on having my daughter and I live with them until I could get back on my feet. 

Three, I took a job in Jacksonville with a previous mentor from when I worked as a behavior specialist in Florida only to make such a move and find out that the picture wasn’t as pretty as it was painted to be. They were only giving me 10 hours a week (if that) so I was living off of my savings. This put me in an even bigger bind. 

Thankfully, I had a friend back in Charlotte who allowed my daughter and I to stay with her indefinitely. 

Here’s the flipside… The apartment that I took up in Jacksonville was owned by my daughter’s best friend’s aunt’s boyfriend at the time (Yikes! That was a mouthful!). He was nice enough to let me break the lease so I can get out of the jam I got myself into in an attempt to find my career path. 

When I got back to Charlotte, I was quickly depleting my bank account in order to survive and my patience continued to be tested. It was a shift in mindset that helped me push through, fuel my strength and fire up my faith. 

And just as my account was almost completely drained, I landed a steady paying job that would help me begin to get back on track. 

Although I wasn’t making much, it allowed me to get my daughter and I into our own apartment. It put me further away from work where I would have to commute 2 hours daily round trip but it was worth it. We were in our own space again.

It wasn’t long before I landed a corporate job that would be double in salary, get me closer to home, and ultimately, become my last job. You see what happens when you get your mind right and shift that negative focused mindset? 

A positive shift in thoughts + focus with intent = Successful outcomes!

2015: I Began My Entrepreneurial Journey

I went on to become a certified Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health Practitioner and my brand, Raw & Alive was born. I self-built my first website to serve as a health coach and to share my knowledge through blogging (what I thought building a blog was at the time) as well as my social media channels.

In turn, I gained my first two coaching clients. 

2016: I Proceeded to Work on Building an Online Business 

I had my website redesigned professionally. I wrote my first eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Health and without knowing any better, I quickly overwhelmed myself by continuing to create project after project, program after program. 

None of which brought in revenue. I was giving away free advice and helping so many people at no-charge. I tried everything I knew how and applied what I learned through online training and webinars.

I lost a lot of money in an attempt to invest in a (soon-to-be unsuccessful) business I couldn’t wait to share. 

2017: I Attempted to Launch My First Webinar 

I spent endless hours creating the perfect slides in an attempt to launch a lifestyle webinar that would abruptly flop due to technical issues. This, after investing close to $1000 and 8 months of all-around-the-clock work in planning and detailing the program from scratch with no experience what-so-ever.

2018: I Started to Pursue Speaking

After spending so much time trying to build an online business that wasn’t working, I shifted to working on landing live speaking opportunities. As a result, I landed my first 2-hour live workshop, It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Diet at a yoga studio in South Florida.

From that, 4 people bought into my 21-Day Detox program and I landed my first 12-month coaching client.

Life was great and I was finally on my way (so I thought)! It was a great feeling to connect with others face to face versus from behind the computer. It truly gives the connection power and fuels credibility.

I saw the power in live speaking which made me want to do it more.

When I came back to NC, once again, I continued to land speaking opportunities while working on finding new ones. I found myself trying too hard, getting stressed, and feeling overwhelmed.

I really thought that I was on my way up and things were finally coming together – only to be disappointed, yet again. 

2019: The End of Raw & Alive and the Start of YouTube

After giving it all I had in trying to build Raw & Alive and getting nowhere with it, it was time to put it to rest. The brand was building momentum on Instagram but it quickly became more about food than a lifestyle. I had envisioned building a lifestyle brand from day one.

But, somehow, that vision got lost along the way.

In an attempt to shift away from “food” and get away from being related to just food, I transitioned into women empowerment. That is when Warriors on the Rise was born but that too, was short lived.

What I realized was that I needed to shift away from Raw & Alive in order to come back around full circle – and back to the vision I had initially started to begin with – building a vegan lifestyle blog.
I had my website redesigned once again.

With that, I also began my venture with YouTube. It was fun, exciting and a perfect way to share my knowledge and inspiration around holistic wellness and the raw vegan lifestyle.

It was also a great way to grow my blog, so I thought. 

While my YouTube channel was a great source for video and connecting with people on a whole different level, it took a toll on me physically. (Link youtube channel)

Creating video was something I loved doing but the editing part of it all, not so much. I would spend hours upon hours in front of a computer way into the early morning editing and working to perfect each video edit before hitting the publish button.

It became too much. I started to develop excruciating pain in my right arm that would keep me up at night, It hurt so bad.

So, instead of making it worse, I decided to call it quits. At least for now.

After going at it for almost a year, it was time to pursue my blog growth from a different angle. 

2021: Taking it to Instagram & TikTok

Since YouTube was no longer an option for driving traffic to my blog, I took it to Instagram as a creator. I was convinced that this was the way to grow my blog. I thought that if I grew my Instagram following, it would lead to my blog growth.

Little did I know!

Toward the end of 2021, I proceeded to take it to TikTok and try my hand at high ticket affiliate marketing while trying to keep up with the blog and Instagram.

The crazy thing is…

During a trial TikTok run, I had a few videos go viral and my account blew up to over 15k followers in less than a week. The program I was promoting sold a few times in less than 2 weeks and continued sporadically there on after.

From that point, I continued to work my TikTok account. I thought this was it. Something was finally working.

While that was the case, it wasn’t the route I wanted to take.

But, none-the-less, it was a major breakthrough and eye opener for me.

What I learned is this…

There are 2 big mistakes I made:

The first biggest mistake I made was thinking that I had to build my social media presence in order to grow my blog. 

The second biggest mistake I made was trying to do too many things at once while bouncing around from one social media platform to another.

I share this because I want to help keep you from making the same mistakes.

It’s easy to get sucked into social media. It can lead to confusion and leave you directionless. When I realized that I was on to something after the success I had seen with TikTok, I knew I was on the right path.

I shifted my focus back onto my blog and spent the next 6 months studying and learning the right way to build a blog.

2022: New Website, New Blog

By this point, my knowledge had already expanded dramatically. I learned that the key to growing a blog had nothing to do with growing a following on social media and everything to do with SEO and targeted keywords.

This, in turn, would lead to front page ranking on Google and as a result, drive organic traffic to the blog.

After learning this new information, I knew what I had to do. Again, I had to redesign the blog to start fresh on a clean slate for Google to begin favoring.

This time it would be fine tuned and rooted with clarity. 

Where I Am Today

And, now in 2023, I welcome you to SandracCampillo.comA Wanderlust Journey – Your one stop source for eco, vegan, lifestyle and travel.

It’s been quite the journey and evolution for me – from going raw vegan and evolving into an eco-friendly lifestyle to becoming a conscious, spiritual being to taking my passion for travel and making it my mission to create a digital income life of freedom.

There have been different times in my life where I have been broke to the brink of homelessness and depressed, or overwhelmed with happiness and thriving beyond expectation.

No matter which direction my life has taken, I create my new norms, and get used to however good or bad the current situation is. I choose which way it goes from whatever point it’s at.

I can either choose to live in disappointment or enjoy a life filled with meaning and abundance, it’s a choice only I can make on a daily basis.

Not an employer. Not society. Not my past. Not my parents. Not my friends. Only me.

So, instead of getting stuck, I choose to keep moving.

Until you have tried absolutely everything and anything, nothing will ever work.

Everything I have learned – all the struggles, challenges, downfalls, failures, and obstacles along the way – have been essential to my growth and the only path to get me where I am today.

I knew that if I kept on, sooner or later, it would all come together. Still a work in progress, but it’s moving along successfully.

Looking back, it has taken me longer than most to figure it all out. I spent too much time trying and exploring too many things at once instead of focusing on one thing at a time – That’s the biggest challenge entrepreneurs deal with.

As an entrepreneur, I have so many ideas and so much I want to do that honing in on one thing only, is tough. Until you learn the hard way – years later!

Regardless, every struggle has led me to where I am exactly meant to be at this point in my life, and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. 

No Matter Where You Are, I Know You Can Do It Too.

Since most of us are here for inspiration on creating a conscious, compassionate, digital lifestyle, my goal is to give you the tools and resources you need that will allow you to do just that. 

No one has ever given me an actionable, step-by-step guide to grow and evolve from day 1. I intend on changing that for you. 

Creating passive income is not so I can call it a day and become a beach bum.

There is still a lot of work for me to do – more content to create, more ideas to share, and more people to help. 

That is just who I am – Making a difference is my nature. 

It fills me up with great joy when I have the pleasure to make a difference in someone’s life that may positively shift their life (mind, body, and spirit) in ways they would never have imagined. 

At the end of the day, I thrive when YOU thrive. 

The purpose of my blog is to document my journey from the beginning so you and I can learn together.

Since most of us are here for inspiration on creating a conscious, compassionate, digital lifestyle, my goal is to give you the tools and resources you need that will allow you to do just that. 

No one has ever given me an actionable, step-by-step guide to grow and evolve from day 1. I intend on changing that for you. 

Creating passive income is not so I can call it a day and become a beach bum.

There is still a lot of work for me to do – more content to create, more ideas to share, and more people to help. 

That is just who I am – Making a difference is my nature. 

My excitement in life doesn’t come from making money online but when I have had the pleasure to make a difference in someone’s life that may positively shift their life (mind and body) or help bring them closer to achieving their dreams. 

I thrive when YOU thrive. 

Since most of us are here for inspiration on creating a conscious, compassionate, healthier way of life, my goal is to give you the tools and resources you need that will allow you to do just that. 

It fills me up with great joy when I have the pleasure to make a difference in someone’s life that may positively shift their life (mind and body) in ways they would never have imagined. 

There is no “perfect” place to start. No matter where you are in your life, starting now

At the end of the day, I thrive when YOU thrive. 

I Want to Take a Moment and Thank You For Being Here.

If you have made it to this point, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to read this and greatly value every relationship I am blessed to make from this blog.  

Know that I am here for you as both a blogging guide and as your friend. I respond to every email and would love to hear your story – both the good and the bad. And, each one counts for something. 

We are all on our own individual journey with no comparison to anyone else’s. Some are further along than others and that’s OK. Just trust that you are where you are meant to be. Embrace it and keep moving…

Believe in yourself, and know that you are more than enough and more than capable of achieving all that you desire – whether it be traveling to beautiful earth-friendly destinations, getting healthier, or living in higher consciousness – whatever it is, you deserve it.

Thank you for reading.

I hope that the story of your life leads you to the feeling of peace, fulfillment, and complete abundance.


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Sandra Campillo is a holistic lifestyle and travel blogger focused on veganism, eco-tourism, and wellness - mind, body, and spirit. Join Sandra and her community of readers on to learn how to live a holistic, more sustainable, and compassionate way of life.

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