6 Ways to Alkalize Your Body

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Toxic build up aka acidity is commonly known as having unhealthy eating habits.  Generally, referring to the toxicity that comes from poor nutrition.  The fact is, you are continuously surrounded by toxins at every turn and unhealthy eating habits is just a small portion of it.  How you live your life is a major contributing factor to the pH balance in your body. In order for your body to thrive and steer clear of illness and disease, it must maintain … Read More

Fasting: Is it healthy or dangerous?

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The question of whether or not fasting is healthy is a highly controversial and often sensationalized topic. If you ask a medical doctor for their “opinion” on fasting, they will quickly tell you it is downright dangerous, insane, and can result in all sorts of deficiencies including death by starvation in a matter of days. The fact is, fasting has been a common practice by men and women, as well as by animals since the beginning of time. It was … Read More

Why eat raw?

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How important is it really, to eat raw foods? Hmmm… It is a question most ponder on.  Well I will break it down for you and explain why I strongly encourage a lifestyle of plant-based, vegan, raw foods.  I will say that the transition into eating raw foods is not for everyone.  You have to be ready to make a lifestyle change commitment and you have to truly want it. You have to want to live a life of optimal … Read More

There is Always Light at the End of the Tunnel

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We all have a story.  Everyone’s story is unique and different but regardless of how different, it is our individual story and it has meaning.  If you are anything like me, you have endured unexpected life altering changes, hit road blocks, fallen hundreds times, found yourself spinning your wheels at a crossroads more than just once or twice, and have reached a point where you are left wondering, “Where the hell is my life going?!” or “What in the world … Read More

How to get healthy on a busy schedule

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Struggling and have no idea how you can get your life on a healthy track? No time to make healthy meals, let alone maintain a healthful lifestyle? If the answer is yes to both questions, then you are like most and you are not alone.  There seems to always be something getting in the way, isn’t there? Whether it be a busy work schedule or busy home life.  Eating or staying healthy is just not something that seems to make … Read More

How to Detox Your Body the Healthy Way

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Do you find yourself feeling at a loss of energy and feeling tired more often than not? Maybe experiencing skin breakouts, rashes, aches, pains or digestive issues? Chances are your body is overwhelmed and suffocating from intoxication.  This is your body letting you know it is trying to push out the toxins that have been building up over time and signaling you that it is time to get rid of the crap and undergo a detox.  A healthy one!  With … Read More

Top 10 Healthful Living Practices for a Healthier You

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Before I learned what it truly meant to live a true, healthful lifestyle I used to think I was always doing things right.  I had the right “diet” going on, I was active and I exercised daily.  The funny thing is, I would think and ask myself, “Why am I not able to lose weight? I eat ‘healthy’ (so I thought)” or “Why am I always getting sick? I don’t understand.  I exercise and eat all the ‘right’ foods.  Am … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Eating Mono-Meals

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Wondering what in the world is a mono-meal? It is very simple actually… A mono-meal is simply eating one single food option, typically a raw fruit but can also be comprised of a single raw vegetable.  This does not mean eat one piece of fruit such as one apple or one orange.  It wouldn’t be enough to fill you up long enough before your next meal.  Also, not eating enough would only lead to junk food cravings and in turn … Read More

Raw Vegan Lifestyle VS. The SAD Diet

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Ever wonder why your body slows down through the years or why one moment you are bursting with energy while the next you are drained?  Most often I hear, “I’m getting old”, “Its just age” or “It must be the weather”.  We find all sorts of excuses as to why we feel the way we do and why our energy is so sluggish but never step back to acknowledge the real reasons WHY. Nutrition is a huge part of the … Read More