Top 5 Benefits of Eating Mono-Meals

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Wondering what in the world is a mono-meal? It is very simple actually… A mono-meal is simply eating one single food option, typically a raw fruit but can also be comprised of a single raw vegetable.  This does not mean eat one piece of fruit such as one apple or one orange.  It wouldn’t be enough to fill you up long enough before your next meal.  Also, not eating enough would only lead to junk food cravings and in turn … Read More

Raw Vegan Lifestyle VS. The SAD Diet

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Ever wonder why your body slows down through the years or why one moment you are bursting with energy while the next you are drained?  Most often I hear, “I’m getting old”, “Its just age” or “It must be the weather”.  We find all sorts of excuses as to why we feel the way we do and why our energy is so sluggish but never step back to acknowledge the real reasons WHY. Nutrition is a huge part of the … Read More

Food Combining for Digestive Health

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Ahh… For the love of food! We all love food and eating all kinds of foods in one meal.  The more the tastier! Right?!  On a “healthier” note, we also think that by adding more healthful ingredients to our meals is going to add to our health benefit. Especially when we have fallen off the wagon and want to quickly turn it around.  When that happens, we overboost on healthy ingredients to make up for it.  Why not?  More healthful options … Read More

10 Foods to Eat for Hydration

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What exactly does “eat your way to hydration” mean?  It means that it doesn’t necessarily require 8-8oz glasses of water to hydrate your body; eating the right foods will do it for you.  When you eat high water content foods, you are not only feeding the body with the purest, most natural form of water available but you are also nourishing it with abundant nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  It’s a win-win! With summer drawing near, what better way than to … Read More

How to Kick Seasonal Allergies to the Curb

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Spring is here and warmer weather is among us! It feels great to be able to get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.  Do you agree?  There is nothing like the warm sunshine on your skin, the Spring breeze in the air and the beautiful blooms that surrounds us.  Ahh… Those gorgeous trees and flowers coming back to life again! Unfortunately, the beauty comes at a cost.  Allergies and pollen.  With pollen being on the rise, allergies follow … Read More

5 Stages of Job Burnout & 5 Ways to Correct It

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Ever been in a job where you started all gung-ho with all kinds of expectations and goals to reach only to find out later it was not what you had expected? Or ever worked for the micro-managing, insecure type of boss who ended up making your life hell in the process? Or how about the job that started off as a possible career opportunity only to learn that growth was never really an option while reaching a dead end? There … Read More

Juicing vs. Blending: Know the Difference

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If you are lost in confusion between juicing and blending while wondering what in the world the difference is between the two, you are not alone.  I used to wonder the same myself so I can totally understand where you are coming from.  Two of the most commonly asked questions are, “What is the difference between juices and smoothies?” and “Should I juice or should I drink smoothies?” I have been religiously juicing and drinking smoothies now for about 4 … Read More

4 Clear Signs Your Body is Dehydrated

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How many times have you found yourself thirsting for water much faster than usual at an outdoor festival, on the beach, at the pool, during exercise or any other outdoor activity on a hot summer day?  If you are like most, the answer is quite often.  Most of us look forward to summer, getting outdoors in the highly anticipated warm weather and just simply having some fun in the sun.  After all who can blame us after old man winter has left his mark?! There … Read More

10 Ways to Find Your Happy

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Do you ever feel like you have tried everything possible to be happy and no matter what you do, things just don’t seem to change?  Do you feel stuck in a miserable cycle longing and waiting for happiness to head your way? The truth is, happiness is not something that is going to come knocking at your door and magically show up nor is it something that is going to materialize just like that for that matter. True happiness is … Read More