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Hi! I'm Sandra Campillo, a Florida girl living in Charlotte, NC with a love for life, animals, travel and all things lifestyle! I am here to inspire you to create and live your best life in a more compassionate way while sharing tools, resources and ideas to help you along your wanderlust journey. I hope you enjoy!

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The Ultimate Eco-Travel Guide 2022

Skincare essentials

11 Best Eco-Friendly, Vegan, and Toxic-Free Travel Essentials that Make Packing Easy

Do you find yourself overstuffing your toiletry bag with bulky travel essentials that don’t fit when packing for vacation? There are just certain things you just can’t leave home without…

9 Ethically Responsible Wildlife Animal Experiences to Visit on Your Next Trip

Ever wonder what it would be like to experience the encounter of animals in their natural habitats?  Animal encounters are among the most fulfilling and unforgettable experiences to explore. It’s…

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