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HUGE Maylyn & Co Eco-Luxury Wear Sale (Up to 30% Off!)

Happy Wednesday and Thanksgiving Eve! Wow, this week is going by so fast. I just arrived in South Florida on Monday and it’s already Wednesday! I’ve also learned that Maylyn…

Fall Essential Oils + Recipes

Fall is probably the season most look forward to for it’s cool, crisp, breath of fresh air autumn vibes. Don’t you agree? For me, Fall is my favorite season of…

Hi! I'm Sandra Campillo, a Florida girl living in Charlotte, NC with a love for life, animals, the outdoors and the raw vegan lifestyle! I am here to serve as a source of inspiration so you can become inspired to take more control over your health and live a healthier, more compassionate way of life. I hope you enjoy!

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Recipe: Perfect Raw Vegan Tacos

Large friend gatherings may be out right now because of the COVID pandemic but the fun of making tacos with a small group doesn’t have to be! There’s no doubt…


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