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Raw Vegan Hot Cocoa | Recipe

Growing up, hot cocoa was always my favorite on those crisp, cold Saturday mornings when school was out. But back then, hot cocoa was far from healthy. It was the…

Raw Vegan Cereal | Recipe

If cereal is what you like to reach for in the morning, here’s a great way to swap the processed box with a simple and delicious raw food option… Fruit…

Hi! I'm Sandra Campillo, a Florida girl living in Charlotte, NC with a love for life, animals, holistic living, the outdoors and the raw vegan lifestyle! I am here to serve as a source of inspiration so you can become inspired to take more control over your health and live a healthier, more compassionate way of life. I hope you enjoy!

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Raw Vegan “Spaghetti” Veggie Recipe

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Creamy, Delicious Banana/Mango Smoothie Bowl Recipe

This week I am sharing with you one of my favorite smoothie bowl recipes and one that I am currently addicted to! It’s rich, creamy, healthy and deeeelicious!! This is one…

What I Ate Today | Easy Raw Vegan | Healthy + Delicious!

A question I almost always get is, “What do you eat?” because for some reason, people think that being raw vegan means “starvation” and no food options… Sooo… in this…


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