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Collagen Boosting Smoothie for Anti-Aging and Healthy Looking Skin

Collagen is the key function in our body that produces elasticity and keeps us looking young, vibrant and healthy. It’s all about boosting your body’s natural ability to produce collagen…

Watermelon Summer Drink | Recipe

Cool off this summer with this sweet, delicious and refreshing watermelon juice that will quickly make you a watermelon juice addict! It’s a perfect recipe for summer fun under the…

Hi! I'm Sandra Campillo, a Florida girl living in Charlotte, NC with a love for life, animals, the outdoors and the raw vegan lifestyle! I am here to serve as a source of inspiration so you can become inspired to take more control over your health and live a healthier, more compassionate way of life. I hope you enjoy!

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Raw Vegan Hot Cocoa | Recipe

Growing up, hot cocoa was always my favorite on those crisp, cold Saturday mornings when school was out. But back then, hot cocoa was far from healthy. It was the…

Raw Vegan Cereal | Recipe

If cereal is what you like to reach for in the morning, here’s a great way to swap the processed box with a simple and delicious raw food option… Fruit…

Raw Vegan “Spaghetti” Veggie Recipe

This tasty, raw vegan spaghetti recipe is so easy to make and can be enjoyed alone or shared with your quarantine roomies… Best of all, this recipe can be done in…


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