The Best Airlines to Mexico

July 30, 2023

Ready to take your dream trip to Mexico? This guide will give you a breakdown of the best Mexican airlines that not only provide the best in-flight entertainment and experiences, but convenience and ease of travel throughout your entire trip.

We’ve researched and handpicked the best Mexican airlines and made note of those that are ‘green’ to help you make an eco-conscious flight selection. 

Learn which major airlines give you luxury services at unbeatable flight prices and which ones give you more bang for the buck. With our guide, you’ll have all the information you need to make your trip to Mexico an unforgettable experience!

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Your Guide to the Best Airlines to Mexico

When it comes to the best international flights, there are a few that stand out from the rest. Alaska Airlines, is one of them. They offer non-stop flights from cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland and Seattle. If you live on the west coast of the United States, this would be a good option. 

Alaska Airlines is also on a mission toward creating a ‘greener’ future by using greener alternatives such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

"Last year we committed to a five-part path to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040. Our goal is to be the most sustainable and fuel-efficient U.S. airline. See how we're planning to achieve that goal with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)."

Another great airline for traveling to Mexico is Delta Airlines, which offers flights from major U.S. cities like Atlanta, Detroit, New York and Minneapolis. Delta is also committed to becoming a net zero airline by implementing sustainability practices that help reduce their carbon footprint.

And if you’re looking for the cheapest flights possible, consider flying Spirit Airlines, which offers direct flights from cities like Dallas, Houston and Las Vegas.

What are Mexico’s Best Airlines?

As far as Mexican airlines, there are several – with AeroMexico being the largest in Mexico. Then, there is TAR airlines – a Mexican airline started in 2012, with domestic flights to over 25 destinations throughout Mexico. 

Let’s take a look at how the best Mexican airlines compare.


Mexico’s largest airline, offering flights to over 80 cities in 33 countries around the world for both local and international travel. Not only do they offer low prices and competitive rates on airfare, but they also provide a comfortable and convenient way to travel with online check-in and direct flights to major Mexican destinations like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City.

Aeromexico also flies direct to La Paz from Mexico City International Airport. Here, you’ll find that terminal 2 is their designated terminal – making the check-in process and getting through security easier and much faster.

Also, if you’re a Delta Air Lines SkyMiles member, you’ll be happy to know that Aeromexico partners with Delta’s SkyTeam and SkyMiles Alliance. So the good news is that if you hold a Delta Airlines credit card, you will still be able to earn miles for air travel when you fly with Aeromexico.

And, as an added bonus, SkyMiles Elite members may even be eligible for complimentary upgrades on Aeromexico flights when available.

Green Airline

To top it off, Aeromexico is a green, environmentally friendly airline that is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainability. The company has invested in modern aircraft that reduce fuel consumption and emissions, as well as other initiatives such as the reforestation of areas protected by the Mexican government.


Volaris is an ultra low-cost regional carrier that flies to more than 60 domestic destinations in Mexico plus several international destinations in central America such as Guatemala City and San Salvador.

The airline frequently offers low fares, but its fleet of aircraft is relatively small compared to Aeromexico’s. Passengers should also be aware that amenities such as meals and seat selection are generally not included in the ticket prices.

However, Volaris does offer a loyalty program for frequent fliers which rewards passengers with discounts on future flights.

Green Airline

Volaris is also a green, environmentally friendly airline that is committed to reducing its environmental impact around the world. The company has implemented a range of measures, such as investing in modern aircraft with state-of-the-art fuel-saving engines, as well as reforesting areas protected by the Mexican government.

If you want to fly Volaris, rest assured, this airline prides itself on their sustainability efforts and “Green Team” initiatives.

Viva Aerobus

Viva Aerobus airlines offers cheap flights throughout Mexico plus Guatemala City and San Salvador from its base of operations at Monterrey International Airport (MTY). Viva Aerobus is a low-cost Mexican airline that was founded in 2006 and has since grown to become one of the most popular budget airlines in Mexico.

Viva Aerobus passengers can expect excellent customer service and on-time flights, making it a top choice for travelers who want to save money when booking airfare. With an extensive route network and reasonable fares, Viva Aerobus is a great option for passengers looking to jet set on a budget.

Green Airline

Viva Aerobus is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and implementing environmentally friendly initiatives. 

Much like Volaris, the airline also prides itself on its sustainability efforts and has adopted a number of measures that include the use of modern aircraft designed to reduce fuel consumption, as well as investing in reforesting projects.

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Is Volaris or Viva Aerobus better?

Whether you are looking for cheap flights or best airlines, there are many great Mexican options to consider. Both Volaris and Viva Aerobus, are two Mexican airlines that offer amazing benefits and services. Currently, they both offer reasonable ticket prices when compared to other Mexican carriers.

Volaris is known for its wide selection of domestic destinations while Viva Aerobus is recognized as one of the most cost-effective Mexican airlines when it comes to budget travel.

Depending on where you are flying out of, and your individual preferences, either of these low cost carriers may be the better choice for you. Consider both when making decisions about your travel plans and weigh their benefits against the cost of tickets before making a final selection.

All of these Mexican airlines fly directly into Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Escondido, and just about all of Mexico’s top leisure destinations.

International Airlines that Fly to Mexico from the United States 

While Mexican airlines are great for flying to and around Mexico as well as throughout central America for some, they won’t work for you if you are coming from the northeast or midwest United States. In which case, there are international airlines you can explore. Service providers like American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest are a few flights to consider among many other airlines to fly.

Between budget airlines and other low cost carriers, you are sure to find an airline that will fly to Mexico and get you to your final destination of choice. 

American Airlines

American Airlines offers international flights from New York city, Chicago and Miami to top destinations in Mexico like Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Cozumel and Mexico City. 

To visit resort towns like Tulum, Playa Del Carmen or the Yucatan Peninsula, you would need to fly into Cancun International Airport. Here you will have the opportunity to explore some of Mexico’s oldest ancient ruins. 

To get to Puerto Escondido where you will find beautiful beaches, rich culture and a breathtaking bioluminescent lagoon, you would have to fly into Mexico City International Airport.

Green Airline

American Airlines is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact and working towards sustainability with their commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 with their pathway to net zero strategy.

The airline has invested in eco-friendly initiatives, such as powering its regional flights with a combination of sustainable aviation fuel and traditional jet fuel.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is an excellent choice for a flight to Mexico, offering competitive rates and plenty of extras to make your trip smoother and more enjoyable. With Delta, you can choose from direct flights from cities like New York, Chicago and Miami to the most popular Mexican destinations. 

Delta also provides a wide range of luxury services and amenities to give your trip an added touch of style and comfort. On board their flights you can find spacious seating arrangements with plenty of legroom plus high-quality entertainment options such as movies, music, television shows and games. If that wasn’t enough they also have delicious meals available on board as well as snacks throughout the flight. 

Delta offers everything you need for a truly luxurious experience on board your flight and with their frequent flyer loyalty program, you’ll have the opportunity to collect miles whenever you fly with them or any of it’s SkyTeam Alliance airline partners like Aeromexico – great prices combined with extra amenities make it one of the best airlines.

Green Airline

Delta is committed to providing its passengers with a greener and more environmentally friendly travel experience.

In addition to using fuel-efficient aircraft, they also have policies in place that reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices such as taking steps to reduce the weight of their planes by removing unnecessary items from their cabins and optimizing the amount of fuel used on their flights.

Overall, Delta is an excellent choice for a flight to Mexico. They provide great value at affordable prices while also offering luxury services and amenities that make every step of the journey seamless and stress-free! 

Southwest Airlines 

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Southwest is always a great option for affordable domestic flights, and they offer direct flights to many popular destinations in Mexico like Cancun, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico City. 

A good reason to consider flying Southwest Airlines is not only for their good deals on flights but for their checked bags policy which includes 2 free bags as long as it doesn’t go over their 50LB (and 62 inches) requirement – a major deal savor considering the baggage fees on some airlines.

This allowance saves you the checked bag fee and extra fees that go along with overweight restrictions. Two checked bags plus a personal item, should be more than enough for even the high maintenance traveler and you don’t even have to worry about going over the weight limit!

Green Airline

Southwest Airlines is dedicated to protecting the environment and preserving natural resources for future generations. The airline has implemented several green initiatives, such as investing in renewable energy sources, reducing its water consumption, and decreasing its carbon footprint.

To offset its carbon emissions from air travel, Southwest invested in Forest Stewardship Council-certified tree plantations across the globe.


JetBlue offers great deals on airfare, and their flights to Mexico are usually convenient with plenty of connecting options. They also have direct flights going to Cancun, San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta from major airports like New York’s John F. Kennedy (LFK).  

Cancun has the most direct flights flying in from Newark (EWR), Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Los Angeles (LAX) to name a few. 

JetBlue is a Green Airline

JetBlue is committed to being a green, environmentally friendly airline. The airline is focused on the offset of carbon emissions, recycling, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, as well as water conservation. They have also reduced the weight of their aircraft by using titanium instead of steel, and use alternative fuels when available.

Through their Carbon Offset Program, JetBlue encourages customers to voluntarily offset their flights with jet fuel credits that help fund offset projects like forest restoration.

Spirit Airlines 

Spirit Airlines may not have the best reputation and might often be referred to as being one of the “worst airlines”, but they often offer cheap fares that make it a no brainer. Maybe not for long flights but for short flights, it’s among the cheapest option.

So if you’re looking to save money, and don’t mind a little un-comfortability, this is a good option to consider. They also offer direct flights from major airports like Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Dallas (DFW), Atlanta (ATL) and Las Vegas (LAS).

Green Airline

Spirit Airlines is one of the most eco-friendly airlines in the world, taking significant steps to reduce its carbon footprint and protect natural resources. They have invested heavily in renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, to offset their emissions from flights.

In addition, Spirit has reduced its water consumption by more than 20%, and implemented systems to track and reduce fuel consumption.

Spirit was acquired by JetBlue in October 2022 and is on track to complete the merge in 2024. 

United Airlines

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United Airlines is an excellent airline for traveling to Mexico. Not only does United offer great deals on airfare, but they also provide a convenient and comfortable way to travel. With United, you can choose from a variety of flights from major US cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Denver, making it easy to book your trip in no time.

For those looking for even more comfort during their flight, United offers premium services such as priority boarding, complimentary drinks and Wi-Fi access. With these amenities, you will be able to stay connected during your flight and have a stress-free flight to your destination.

Green Airline

This green airline is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainability. The airline has invested in modern aircraft that are more fuel efficient, as well as initiatives like the reduction of weight in their planes by removing unnecessary items from their cabins and optimizing fuel usage on flights.

Furthermore, the airline has partnered with global corporations through the EcoSkies Alliance program to help offset carbon emissions and make sustainable aviation the new norm.

With United Airlines, travelers can not only enjoy reliable service, but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing your flight is contributing to the fight against climate change.

Overall, this eco-friendly airline is among the best Mexican airlines providing great value at affordable prices and offering luxury services and amenities that makes every step of the way seamless and stress-free.

British Airways

British Airways is a good option to consider if you’re looking to travel to Mexico. With a direct international route from more than 20 UK airports, traveling with the British Airways is convenient and easy. 

The airline offers good value on flight prices with various price points and flexible flight ticket options. Customers also benefit from access to food and beverage services, family seat selection, and a generous baggage allowance that allows up to three bags per passenger depending on the fare type chosen. 

Whats more is that the airline provides extensive in-flight entertainment options, as well as extra-legroom for seat comfort in certain seating options to make those long hauls more enjoyable. 

Green Airline

British Airways has invested significant resources in reducing its environmental impact and making its operations more sustainable.

The airline is paving the way for a greener future with its BA Better World sustainable program aimed at taking urgent action toward net zero emissions as well as reducing waste, making an impact on its communities and creating a better work environment for its employees. 

As the largest airline in the UK, they carry out a variety of steps to reduce their carbon footprint, such as using fuel-efficient aircraft, optimizing routes for maximum efficiency, using advanced recycling and waste management systems, and investing in renewable energy sources.

They have also fully implemented sustainable aviation fuel supplies to cut emissions from their flights even further.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is among the low-cost carriers and an excellent airline for planning your flight to Mexico. Not only do they offer competitive prices and cheap airline tickets, they also provide many amenities that makes for smooth flight travels.

Frontier offers direct flights from major US cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta and Boston to various destinations in Mexico, allowing travelers to save time and money.

Frontier Airlines is a Green Airline

Frontier Airlines is spearheading the movement of sustainability in air travel. Their innovative approach to going green starts with their aircrafts, which have some of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry.

The airline has also incorporated numerous initiatives into their operations to ensure the company and its customers are consciously making an effort to reduce waste. They follow strict recycling protocols for any uneaten food products and are working towards a zero-waste goal onboard its flights.

Taking it a bit further, Frontier is continually working on increasing fuel efficiency and finding ways to reduce single-use plastic. With the implementation of these practices, customers traveling on Frontier can feel confident that they’re contributing to a more sustainable future when they board a Frontier flight.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is a great choice for international flights to Mexico due to its competitive prices, convenient flight times, and luxury services. This west coast airline is also 6th largest airline in North America and offers a great airline reward program. 

With Alaska Airlines, travelers can enjoy direct flights from major US cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to Mexican destinations like San Jose Del Cabo, Los Cabos, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. 

If you’re flying out of other airports not listed, you can always catch a connecting flight that will get you to your final destination in Mexico. For example, if you’re looking to go to Los Cabos from Salt Lake City, Utah, you can get on a flight in Salt Lake City that connects you to a direct flight at Los Angeles International airport. 

Ideally, Alaska Airlines is best for those on the west coast who prefer a non-stop flight to their Mexican destination of choice.

Green Airline

Alaska Airlines has been leading the way in making air travel more sustainable. They have implemented a comprehensive carbon offset program to reduce the airline’s greenhouse gas emissions, while also investing in innovative green technology initiatives such as using biofuel, expanding their electric aircraft fleet, and converting their ground service equipment including elevators and baggage carts to electric power.

Additionally, Alaska Airlines offers various ways for passengers to get involved in the sustainability efforts by donating to reforestation projects at the airport or purchasing Carbon Offset packages directly through the booking process. These sustainability efforts show that Alaska Airlines is committed to becoming an even greener airline and helping combat climate change.

Sun Country Airlines

Based out of Minneapolis, Sun Country, is among the low-cost airlines offering affordable fares and convenient flights to multiple major cities throughout Mexico, including popular tourist destinations like CancunCozumel and Puerto Vallarta.

Green Airline

Sun Country is also dedicated to creating a greener airline, with plans to reduce carbon emissions by replacing traditional aircraft engines and other mechanical systems with more efficient and cleaner alternatives. This includes switching out its fuel-hungry elevators and baggage carts to electric power.

Is a passport required for traveling to Mexico?

For anyone traveling to Mexico, a passport is an absolute must. It should be carried with you at all times during your visit as Mexican authorities strongly enforce passport laws. In addition, passport regulations state that the passport needs to be valid for both your entrance and exit into Mexico; if it does not meet this requirement, you may find yourself stuck at the border. 

To avoid any hassles or delays on your vacation, make sure your passport is up to date prior to departing for Mexico as the process can take up to ten weeks. Travelers are advised to complete the passport process well in advance of their intended travel date so that they are prepared in case of unexpected delays. 

Staying informed of passport regulations will ensure a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience!

What Airline Flies Directly to Mexico?

Depending what airport you’ll be flying out of, some airlines will fly to Mexico direct while others will require connecting flights. Airlines with a wide-variety of direct flights include:

  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • JetBlue

For more airline options and to compare prices, it is best to use a travel search engine like Skyscanner or Expedia.

Tips for Flying Mexican Airlines

Now that we’re able to list some Mexico airlines in detail, let’s breakdown some general tips. First and foremost, explore Mexican airline options to find the best ticket prices on domestic flights – from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta to Puerto Escondido – Mexico has plenty of low cost airlines.

You also want to pay attention to the fine print on your airline ticket. Make sure you read all terms and conditions, including hidden fees and charges. Some airlines may charge extra for seat selection, checked luggage, priority check in, booking fees or even food on board. If you’re not careful, these extra charges can add up pretty quickly. So be on the lookout out for these additional fees and extra costs.

At the same time, different airlines will allow free bags at no extra charge and offer free snacks as well.

Also be sure to take advantage of available options, such as discounted tickets for students or senior citizens as airlines don’t always make you aware of this. Furthermore, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for discount offers during holidays and off-peak season. It’s times like these when you can find some of the best ticket prices.

Lastly, if you have travel flexibility, you can get first dibs at mistake airlines and free upgrades by going through sites like Going.


Best Time to Visit Mexico

The best time of year to travel to Mexico depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. If relaxation and sunshine are at the top of your list, then traveling during the summer months is a great option. It’s also known as the dry season, where average temps vary from 27°C (80°F) to 32°C (90°F) – a perfect time to enjoy Mexico’s fresh exotic, delicious fruit!

For something a bit cooler with still plenty of sunshine, try visiting during springtime or autumn. These months offer ideal weather conditions that make it perfect for both outdoor and adventure activities, or simply soaking up the sun and relaxing on the beach.

Don’t forget to take into account seasonal festivities like the Day of the Dead in early November and Semana Santa in early April; each celebration brings unique opportunities to learn about Mexican culture and get immersed in meaningful experiences.

City-goers will also enjoy this season as they explore ancient ruins, museums, plazas, and other local attractions. Not to mention Mexico’s world-famous cuisine which comes alive in its hundreds of restaurants and markets during these months. 

Keep in mind that hurricane season runs from June to November making it the cheapest time to travel. 

Ultimately, when it comes to traveling around Mexico, there is no bad time of year – only lots of different experiences and new memories waiting to be made.

Best Cities To Visit in Mexico

Mexico is a top destination for tourists from all over the world for its breathtaking landscapes, unique culture, delicious food (specifically fresh, exotic fruit!) and vibrant cities. From the sun-soaked beaches of Cancun to the colonial charms of Mexico City and the stunning views of Guadalajara, there are plenty of top cities to visit in Mexico that offer something special for every traveler. 

Whether it’s an exciting nightlife experience or a chance to explore the area’s captivating history and natural wonders, you can appreciate Spain’s cultural influences while admiring Mexico’s own unique identity in these top vacation spots. 

No matter what city you choose to visit, rest assured you will find plenty of attractions, warm hospitality, and unparalleled beauty that will leave you with unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.

How to Find the Best Price on Flights

Your best bet is to compare prices with sites like Expedia, Skyscanner or WayAway to find the best flight deals.

Find Cheap Flights and Get Cash Back

Get cash back on flight tickets, hotels, car rental, transfers and much more when you sign up for the WayAway Plus program. Try it out and get your money back to your PayPal account when you choose. 


When planning a trip to Mexico – one of the most popular destinations in latin America – it’s important to consider the airline you want to fly with. The good thing is that there are plenty of flights going to Mexico daily so options are not limited. 

American Airlines flights offers competitive prices with direct flights from cities like New York, Chicago and Miami; Delta Airlines has modern aircrafts designed for maximum comfort and good customer service; Aeromexico provides luxury services at affordable rates. 

All three airlines are excellent choices when traveling to Mexico as they provide low fares, quality amenities and reliable customer service throughout your trip. In addition, make sure that you obtain a passport or update your existing one before departing so that you can have full access to all of Mexico’s attractions! 

As far as travel money goes, credit cards and debit cards (including prepaid travel cards) are all accepted in Mexico. However, as a general rule, be sure to have enough cash on you as some establishments prefer cash only.

With these tips in mind, get ready to embark on an amazing vacation to Mexico full of sun-soaked beaches, colonial charms or breathtaking views.

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