Make Your Holiday Dinner with Family and Friends a Success

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The holidays can be a stressful and challenging time when traveling or welcoming guests into your home, especially if you have a big family and large circle of friends.  Even more so, when planning your holiday meals.  Not everyone is going to eat the same foods or have the same preferences.  And, some are on a completely different dietary plan. So, what do you do? Here are a couple of ideas you can start with: Turn your holiday dinner into … Read More

Making Time for Loved Ones During the Holidays

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The holidays are a time to spend quality time with family and friends, extend a helping and loving hand to a stranger or someone in need, to create new memories, share stories, laugh, and engage in traditions, while creating new ones. It’s a time to come together with those you love setting aside the everyday routine of work and responsibilities which also means putting down the electronics. All year long we are glued to our phones, laptops, tablets, TV, game … Read More

Go Green and Thrive

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Go from feeling drained to feeling Alive and thriving By Sandra Campillo It’s not easy getting started but once you do, you’ll build momentum and start feeling so good, there is no way you’ll want to look back! Grab your copy of my Raw & Alive Go Green & Thrive Step It Up Challenge Ebook and get on the road to optimal health and vitality! Only $14.95! BUY NOW Day meal plan Delicious raw food recipes Grocery shopping tips Bonus … Read More

Raw & Alive Go Green Challenge

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join the 7-Day Raw & Alive Go Green Challenge and get your green on! UPDATE: Giveaways are no longer available.  “The greatest gift you can give yourself, your family, and the world, is the gift of being healthy.” – Sandra Campillo Tweet Is it possible to keep it healthy during the holidays? Yes!!! I’m going to teach you how simple it is to get your green on and feel great even throughout the holidays! Join me for my free … Read More

How the Law of Attraction Saved My Life

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“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” – Buddha For years, I was living a life of confusion, without direction, and wandering through life aimlessly, while conforming to the outside world.  Although I appeared to be happy, strong, and confident on the outside, I was sad, lonely, and disconnected on the inside. I wanted to be loved so bad that I subjected myself to being what I thought would make other’s like me or want … Read More

10-Day Food Journal

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  Get your free 10-day food journal and start working toward your weight loss goals today! Track your daily meals A part of tracking your progress is keeping track on what you consume on a daily basis. To help you get started, I’ve created a daily food journal/log where you can write your goals and track your daily food intake. This will allow you to make adjustments where needed and help you achieve your goals much faster while setting yourself … Read More

10 Tips to Successfully Lose Body Fat

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Just about all of us have that extra fat we want to lose and just get rid of for good.  Mainly, that stubborn belly fat that doesn’t seem to want to go!  The problem is, we subject ourselves to crash diets and fads of all kinds to try and find shortcuts or any way possible to lose weight fast instead of taking the simplest, all-natural, healthy way. What’s the difference? When you turn to crash diets, you are more likely … Read More

Is Vinegar Really Essential to Your Health?

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There are all types of vinegars including balsamic, rice, wine, white, malt, coconut, and among the most common, apple cider vinegar. I’m sure you’ve heard that apple cider vinegar is healthy and much needed for reducing symptoms and health conditions such as lowering blood sugar, fighting diabetes, aiding in weight loss, lowering cholesterol, preventing heart disease, and the list goes on… The truth is, it is not essentially good for your health and on the contrary, can cause more problems … Read More

Never Stop Believing in Yourself

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“Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” ― Roy T. Bennett When life throws chaos, challenges, and all kinds of obstacles in your path, accept them all with grace and keep moving forward for it is life truly happening for you, rather than happening to you. As I look back now, I realize that every single experience I endured, good or bad, has served a purpose.  It’s shaped … Read More

Parenting from a Level of Higher Consciousness

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As parents, we often wish our children came with an instruction manual or a “how-to” book so we can learn how to be the best parents and to ensure we raise our children the “right” way. But really, what is the “right” way? The fact is, there is no “right” way.  We are not born to be great parents and we were not intended to be perfect.  We’re going to make mistakes.  It’s up to us to acknowledge, learn and … Read More