Your Past Does Not Define You

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What you choose to do today does.

We all have a past.  Some with experiences you choose to forget and some with those you can’t seem to let go of.  Whatever the case may be, the past is the past and it does not determine who you become.  What you do in the here and now is what does and is what will pave the way for your future.

The past is meant to:

Shape you.

Make you stronger.

Teach you.

Help you to grow.

It’s not meant to hold you back or keep you from moving forward nor was it meant for you to play a victim for the rest of your life.

It means you pick yourself up, take a step forward, take another, and then another until you find yourself building momentum into a fulfilling life of strength, forgiveness, peace, love, and happiness.  Use those negative experiences to rebuild your life and tap into the greatness that lies within you.

The way I see it is… You have two choices:

One: You can either let the past drag you down and live the rest of your life playing a victim while putting blame on those that hurt you or let you down.


Two: You can let your past experiences serve as stepping stones, learning lessons and motivation to grow and rise above.

Regardless of the negative experiences you’ve endured, you are not your past.  You have the very powerful ability to create the life you love and become the greatest version of yourself that already exists.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Learn to forgive and be grateful for every single moment in your life, good or bad.  When you get yourself to the point where you can forgive, accept, and appreciate each moment, you will realize it’s because of each of those moments that you will be able to rise above and see the greatness that awaits.

Only you can create your reality.  Nobody else can so don’t let your past or anyone else do it for you.  Use your experiences to strengthen you, grow from them, and remember that experience is your best teacher.

Create the life you love and love the life you create.

The choice is yours.

What do you choose?  Post it in the comments below.

Here’s to letting go of the past and putting your best foot forward!

Positive vibes,
Sandra xo

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