Your Inner Voice vs. Your Mind

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What happens when your inner voice tells you one thing and your mind tells you another? It becomes a push and pull game where eventually the mind wins if you let it.

So, what is your “inner voice?”

Your inner voice is your internal guidance system and inner wisdom. It’s what you might call your gut instinct, your internal compass, your heart or that feeling or sensation you get when something feels right (or doesn’t!).

Your inner voice is there to guide us through life and every decision we make.

So, why is our life such a mess at times?

Because we resist it without even realizing it.  Instead of allowing ourselves to be guided by our personal guidance system, we allow ourselves to get so attached to the outside world – the noise –that we drown it out.  In turn, we find ourselves on a downward spiral.  Then, wondering, what happened and why.

Keep in mind that your inner voice is not going to scream or disrupt your life to be heard.  It’s a faint calling that if we let go of all the chaos and attachments, making time to sit still and listen, we will connect with the answers we are looking for.

What your mind does is more powerful than you know…

Your mind will tell you to do the opposite of what your inner wisdom is trying to express. It is so powerful that it can easily grab a hold of you causing you to derail from poor decision making. The mind will play devil’s advocate, if you let it!

You hold the key to the entryway of your mind. Stand guard of what you allow to go through it.

So, if you don’t learn to control the thoughts that go in and out of your mind, they will surely control you.

Sadly, so many of us go through life dreaming and wishingwe could do and be more but never do anything about it.

For most, it hits us in our 30’s when we realize we’re not getting any younger. Then think…

…Where has my life gone?

…What have I accomplished?

…Where did all the time go?

We waste time sitting in front of the TV, talking on the phone, hanging out and planning for the weekend instead of planning for our dreams – our future.  Then wonder, where did my life go, repeatedly saying, “I don’t have time.”

We never “have time” to work on anything that requires work or anything that requires our full attention. Our priories are all screwed up and our dreams remain just dreams.

Action Step: Next time you say you don’t have time, stop and ask yourself, “What am I prioritizing with my time?” Then, write down what you’re prioritizing each 24-hour day. Break it down. Then ask yourself again, “Do I have time?”

The answer will surprise you.

You see, we all have dreams. Whether you’re in tune with them or not, is a different story.  At some point or another, you dreamt or wished for something you wanted but then you let it go because –

  1. You didn’t think you could achieve it
  2. You overwhelmed yourself with expectations
  3. Your limiting beliefs got in the way
  4. You allowed fears to take over

Whatever the reasons are, the thoughts in your mind were at the forefront controlling your actions.

Nothing great ever comes easy, it requires work, discipline, drive, commitment, and focus to make it happen – one goal at a time, one day at a time.  You must realize that success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes patience and persistence to achieve – one step at a time.  Anything is possible, but not when you do nothing.

I talk to so many people every day who have dreams and goals they want to achieve, but do nothing.  Most of them are miserable in their jobs which in turn is making them miserable in their lives; yet, fear and comfortability keep them from pursuing their dreams.

We look at others and wish we had what they had, keep adding to our “one day list” of dreams or get envious and jealous of the success others have; but when asked, “What are you doing about it?” they say, nothing.

If you do nothing, you can’t get mad or jealous of the person who does whatever it takes to keep their dreams alive.  You have every right and ability to make your dreams your reality just the same but you must take action toward them in a way that is disciplined and consistent or you’ll continue down the dead-end path of life taking your dreams and vision to the grave; never bringing them to fruition.

We each have a choice. How well we choose, is up to us.  It’s never too late.  All you have to do is DECIDE and pay close attention to the voice inside you that is trying to lead the way.

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