When Life Happens

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Sometimes life has a way of knocking you down right when you’re at your lowest point. It’s like being hit with a ton of bricks! As if things, can’t get any worse. At least that’s what it feels like, right? But, is life really doing it to you?

The answer to that my friends, is this…

Life does not happen to you; it happens for you.

Tuck that away in your mind somewhere and remember it each time you feel like life has kicked you to the curb. Know that each circumstance serves a purpose. Even if it feels like you’re going through hell. Because the fact of the matter is, whatever you’re going through, is temporary. It has not come to stay; it has come to teach you, redirect you, and guide you.

Trust me, it will soon pass.

One thing I’ve learned is that experience is your greatest teacher. In bad times or good. If you embrace it, it will take you places that just may surprise you.

The past 3 months have been hell for me and unless I talk about it, you would never know what I’ve been through. By not talking about it, I choose to not give it rise or attention. Instead, I look at how life is working for me rather than see it as a force working against me.

I do this by staying focused on the outcome rather than the process. If you focus on the process, you risk becoming discouraged, being sucked in by fear and dominated by doubt. Because the process is messy and is by far clean cut.

Focus on the outcome that is sure to make you feel good and let go of how you'll get there. The rest will fall into place.✨

Looking at life in a positive way while pulling the positives from the negatives, allows me to focus on where I’m headed (which is why setting goals is so important!) instead of focusing on where I’m at.

When you focus on the outcome, you radiate positive energy and gain confidence in the knowing that you can and you will succeed. At which point, NOTHING can bring you down.

I know sometimes it can be challenging to do but if you work at it every single day you will build consistency and momentum. Before you know it, you will become a natural at turning any circumstance around and making it work to your advantage!

This week, consciously work on finding the positive in any negative circumstance you encounter. Take it one at a time and make strides toward turning it around so that it works for you, instead of against you.

As a result, you will build consistency, become a master at the game, and be on your way to creating life on YOUR terms!

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