Wellness is More than Just Nutrition

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Wellness and overall well-being is something that goes well beyond nutrition and is not only about what we eat.  It’s a holistic way of life that interconnects the foundational elements of the mind, body, and spirit that when in alignment, allows everything to flow and function amazingly well.

Yes, eating healthy is vital to our well-being and longevity but that also means keeping our thoughts and feelings healthy.

Beginning with our MIND

Control what goes in and out of it for you are the only one who holds the key.  What goes in, must come out.  So, be conscious of what you allow in.  If you allow negative thoughts (including people, places, or things) to consume your mind, you are also welcoming it to consume your life.  Remember, what you fuel you mind with, and how good you allow yourself to feel day in and day out is equally as important to what you eat, if not more.

When you feel like your mind is getting the best of you, quickly redirect those thoughts and change your state of mind to one that is flooded only with good feeling thoughts. Take yourself to a place of zen, your “happy place” and talk yourself into a state of well-being. This will allow you to create a healthy, non-toxic living environment all around you.

Connect with NATURE

I have found that one of the best ways to destress is to take it outdoors and release it.  Let nature’s smells – the crips fresh air, sounds, and beauty fill your soul.  It can be as simple as taking a walk in the woods, in a preserve, on the beach, in the mountains or wherever it is that makes you feel most at peace.  That is when you begin to feel all kinds of good and you allow your greatness to shine through you.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” – Buddha

Nature is a very powerful source of energy and earthly treasure which is available to us free of charge that if you allow yourself to be present in it and just listen, you will find all the answers you need and more.

Wellness is not only what you feed your body, but it is also what you feed the mind and spirit just the same.
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