Purple Carrot Vegan Meal Delivery Service (Full Review)

Plant-based vegan meals with multiple meal plan options to choose from.

Purple Carrot is an all vegan meal delivery service that offers a weekly subscription for both meal kits and ready-to-eat prepared meals with a wide variety of savory and unique recipes to choose from – perfect for back to school season.

They also give you the option to add-on additional meals a la carte as well as snack items from their “plantry” at checkout.

The all vegan meal delivery service has been around since 2014 and has since ironed out many of the meal delivery kinks that naturally come with the start of any meal delivery service – making their ordering process and meal selection quick and easy. 

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Purple Carrot Pros and Cons


Nutritious, all vegan meals
Fresh, whole food ingredients without the added JUNK
Wide variety of delicious, savory meal selections
Offers ready-to-eat prepared meals
Quick & easy ordering system
Most of the packaging is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable 


X Limited meal delivery options
X No customization
X Some meals can be time consuming to prepare  

How Does Purple Carrot Work?

It’s quick and simple. 

You sign up, choose your subscription options, set up payment details and customize your meal selection. 

The Subscription

Subscription options are limited to only two and four weekly servings and three and four meals per week. Not much to choose from but it does keep it simple and still easy to work with no matter the size of family per household. 

All you have to do is double up the subscription to get the amount you need. You may or may not have leftovers – depending on how big of an eater you and your family are so it still works.

If you are just one, like myself, subscribing for two will either give you a larger meal to eat if you eat in big portions or give you an extra meal for the next six days if you subscribe for three days.

What’s Included in Each Box?

Each Purple Carrot box comes with everything you need to make your meals a success and contains:

  • Fresh ingredients for every meal selected
  • A recipe booklet that contains easy to follow step-by-step instructions for every meal received including recipes for all other meals offered that week – breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

You can also access the recipe instructions from their website even if you’ve canceled your subscription. Although it’s much easier having it in booklet form rather than following the small print from your laptop. 

Pricing and Meal Selection  

Pricing is set based on the number of weekly meals you choose – breakfast, lunch or dinner – and the amount of deliveries you choose per week. 

By default, Purple Carrot gives you meal recommendations for the first week to get you started. You have the option to change these up and select your own from the wide variety of options they have listed. They do a good job with their recommendations but it’s nice to have the option to make your own selection. 

You can choose to mix up your meal delivery with both meal kits and prepared meals to make life even easier!

Purple Carrot Meals

Purple Carrot’s meal delivery service consists of 100% healthy, vegan, plant-based meals with a focus on fresh whole foods – fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains.

Meal Kits

You can expect to prepare hearty, flavorful meals that may include tofu or tempeh as “meat” replacements in some recipes but not much of the highly processed meat alternatives. They focus more on creating and delivering healthier meals without the processed JUNK.

While some recipes may be easier to prepare, others may be more time consuming and a bit more complex if you’re not much of a cook.

If you enjoy cooking, you’ll enjoy the meal kits. 

Single-Serve Prepared Meals

Purple Carrot now offers prepared meals which is a Godsend for those who prefer to have a ready-to-eat meal versus cooking it up in the kitchen. 

Don’t mistake these ready-to-eat prepared meals for the Purple Carrot frozen meals you find at Target, Whole Foods or anywhere else they are sold. These prepared meal options are only offered through the Purple Carrot vegan meal delivery service and are not found in stores.  

Since they are made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, they must be refrigerated and consumed within the week. 

Meal Delivery Add-Ons

Purple Carrot has add-ons you can add to your meal delivery each week. They range from breakfast and lunch items to dessert and snacks. They also have pantry type options you can choose from in what they call their “Plantry.”

Who is Purple Carrot Good For? 

Anyone who is already vegan or vegetarian or looking to get a taste of plant-based vegan food and add healthier food variety into their diet.  

It’s easier to just get home and know what you’re going to cook and eat without wasting so much time trying to figure out what you’re going to make next that you end up opting for take out. I know, I’ve been there! 

Yes, it requires time cooking and cleaning but you’re going to have to cook and clean anyway, right? Plus, on top of that, you still have to plan out your meals and get to the grocery store to gather up the ingredients. That’s after you’ve figured out what you want to eat and cook for the week which takes up even more time. 

Whether you’re choosing the meal kits, ready-to-eat prepared meals or a combination of both, Purple Carrot’s meal delivery service makes it easy to incorporate delicious, nourishing meals into your diet without the hassles. 

Packaging and Delivery

Purple Carrot delivers throughout the United States, except for Hawaii and Alaska. 

All meals come well organized in the box and packaged in recyclable plastic bags with labels for easy meal reference. Some items were placed in the box without plastic. They also tell you which meal kit they recommend first which you’ll find noted on one of the labels. 

The box and packaging are fully recyclable. The ice packs are biodegradable so they can just be thrown in the trash. You’ll even receive an email that breaks it all down for you with recycling instructions on what to do with it all. 

The Prepared meals have less packaging and consist of a recyclable cardboard sleeve, plastic film and recyclable plastic tray.

Creative Ways to Reuse Your Plastic Containers (Video)

Purple Carrot Pricing

There are only 2 pricing options with a Purple Carrot meal delivery – both of which include shipping. If you opt for 2 servings per meal, the cost per serving is $13.25 whether you go with 3 meals per week or four.  

If you choose to go with 4 servings per meal, the cost drops to $11.00. Right now Purple Carrot is offering $20 off your first 4 boxes which is a great deal and opportunity to try out a variety of meals throughout 4 weeks at a lower cost investment.

If you think about it, you might be spending way more than that on a night out – whether at a restaurant or a bar. You might even be ordering take-out from Uber Eats, DoorDash or GrubHub – Probably more than you realize. All that adds up to much more. 

A lot of times when it comes to our health, we short change it and often opt for the stuff that isn’t good for us without giving it much thought. Most of the time, without even questioning the cost or consequences. We just do it because it’s comfortable. 

The minute we talk about health and wellness, we quickly resist and make all kinds of excuses why not versus why we should. 

Just giving you some ‘food’ for thought. 

Changes and Cancellations

You can add, change or cancel meals easily through the app or through the website. You can also skip a week’s delivery or cancel anytime prior to the weekly cut off.


Purple Carrot does a great job keeping you in the loop from beginning to end with important order and shipping details as well as useful tips and suggestions. With their email notifications reminding you of the cut off date, you’ll have plenty of time to make changes to your box or subscription if needed. 

As long as changes are made before the deadline, you should not have a problem at all. There are no limits to the amount of changes you can make or how many weeks you want to skip.  


If you choose to cancel your subscription, you are free to cancel entirely at any time hassle-free. You don’t even need to call anyone. 

Purple Carrot has a streamlined system that makes it super easy to use making it easy for changes or cancellations to be done quickly and easily online. 

And, if you decide to give it a go again, simply sign back into the system and start back up. Your information is stored for you to make it easy to reactivate and pick it right back up again.  

Summing it Up

Whether you’re someone who already lives a plant-based lifestyle, wants to try it out, incorporate healthier meal options or is in transition, Purple Carrot meal delivery service is a perfect fit. 

While some meal kits may take longer to prepare and cook, it still serves as a great way to change up your meals for savory and flavorful healthy options that still save you time gathering up the ingredients after finally deciding what you’re going to make. 

Everything is pretty much done for you. All you have to do is follow the easy recipe instructions, cook your meal and enjoy it!  

If you’re someone who is always pressed for time and doesn’t have the time to follow a recipe, cook a meal, or even put much effort into meal planning, yet still want to incorporate healthy, plant-based meal options into your life, Purple Carrot prepared meals are made for you. 

I’ve been eating a predominately raw vegan diet for almost 10 years now which has made life much easier with just prepping my meals versus cooking and adding cleaning pots and pans to the mix. 

Still, I do like to have a cooked meal at least once or twice a week for some delicious vegan flavors. But personally, I would rather opt for the prepared meals unless I can get someone to cook the meal kits for me!

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