Top 5 Benefits of Eating Mono-Meals

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Wondering what in the world is a mono-meal? It is very simple actually…

A mono-meal is simply eating one single food option, typically a raw fruit but can also be comprised of a single raw vegetable.  This does not mean eat one piece of fruit such as one apple or one orange.  It wouldn’t be enough to fill you up long enough before your next meal.  Also, not eating enough would only lead to junk food cravings and in turn defeat the purpose of the mono-meal.  The key is to eat enough of one type of fruit until you feel sufficiently satisfied.  Eating monotrophic meals have an abundance of health benefits and can do your body amazingly well.

Benefits of Eating a Mono-Meal

  • Reduce cravings.  Eating mono-meals help stop cravings and fantasies of other foods.  You also set your mind to focus just on one food versus several.  This helps to reduce cravings and free the mind of thoughts that create desires for food varieties, their flavors, textures, smells and other gustatory indulgences.  As a result, you gain self-control when eating without even realizing it.  Your body will love you for it!
  • Know when to stop eating.  Eating mono-meals allows the body to focus on only one type of food instead of several different combinations at a time.  It makes it easier on the body to reach a point of knowing when to stop when eating only one food meal at a time versus one with a variety of different foods.  When you make it a habit of eating at least one mono-meal a day, you train your body to know when to stop eating healthfully during all other meals as well.
  • Easy digestion. Monotrophic meals are great for supporting digestive health and sharpens the body’s physiological functions for better output.  Instead of overworking your system with the processing of several type of foods or 10+ ingredients at a time not otherwise properly combined, you give the digestive system a break and facilitate digestive processes for successful absorption of nutrients as well as facilitating healthy weight loss.
  • Simple to prepare. Everyone is always looking for ways to save time when preparing meals.  Mono-meals are a great way to save time and make it easy to prepare meals when on the go.  It is quite the relief when you are short on time!  It is also great for families with kids and a great way to teach children healthful eating while they are young and in their developmental stages when they are more likely to absorb and register behavior.
  • Absorption of nutrients. When we eat meals that consist of a variety of foods in poor combination, we are not only overworking our digestive system in an attempt to process the various foods, we are also preventing it from doing its job effectively while compromising the absorption of nutrients our bodies require.  This results in the build up of what I like to call “toxic sludge” in the stomach of foods that never made it through the digestive process successfully.

Take advantage of the powerful foods that Mother Nature provides us with.  They are real, clean and loaded with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body requires in order to thrive optimally.  Never underestimate the power of fruits and vegetables.  They have the very powerful ability to allow your body to heal from the inside out.  After all, you are what you eat and what your body assimilates.

Nourish and take care of your body and it will take care of you right back!

I can’t tell you enough how great it feels to eat a mono-meal.  I love all fruit and eat them all in abundance but one of my faves is mango! They are sweet, juicy and deeeelish!!

What is yours? Comment below with your favorite fruit and share pics of your favorite mono-meal.  Would love to see!

Happy healthy mono-meal eating! Xo

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