Top 10 Mindfulness Books to Read in 2021

Good morning, sweet friends! Happy Monday! 

What better way to kick off your Monday than to fuel the mind with some good stuff, right? This week, I’m starting off with sharing some of my top reads for mindfulness and spiritual connection which I have found to be super helpful in my own life journey. I’ve been fueling my mind with books ever since I could walk myself to the library as a child. I would sit there reading and listening to audiobooks all day long. Looking back now, I think that’s crazy that I even thought of doing that but now, I am so, so grateful I did!

I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge and always say, never, ever stop learning in whatever form works for you. You can do this in the form of reading self-help books, listening to audiobooks or podcasts that inspire, empower and connect your soul. 

Knowledge is power but only if you implement it.

Keep in mind that no matter what you are going through right now, know that this is not where it ends. Life is a journey and an ever-evolving process of lessons and insights. We must always keep learning and be open to exploring in order to find our way through it. Every circumstance we experience is building upon the next while preparing us for what’s to come. Embrace every single moment of it and let go of resistance so you can reap the benefits that follow. 

Resistance only develops roadblocks which you set in your own path so let them go and let life take you where you are bound. Flow with the journey and it will reveal the next step when you’re ready. 

In the meantime, fuel your mind and elevate your energy to a higher vibration by making a conscious effort to align with the best version of YOU that already exists. Make it a daily practice because what we do consistently is what yields results. Trust.

Think Like a Monk is one of my favorite book finds and why it’s top on my list! Jay Shetty is amazing and so full of knowledge. His wisdom speaks volumes. Makes perfect sense coming from being a monk himself and now sharing his experiences and impacting millions across the globe. I also HIGHLY recommend listening to his podcast for daily inspo and connection. You’ll love it!

The Power of Now and A New Earth from Eckhart Tolle are both great reads that dive in on a deeper level. The Power of Now is a guide to enlightenment and an awakening of your mind, body and spirit that takes you on an inspirational journey of self-discovery and personal growth. A New Earth expands on the ideas and principles of the Power of Now and is one you want to read to understand the connection between you and your life purpose, how it all aligns and how to awaken yourself to a whole new level of consciousness. 

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is another one of my favorites. I’ve learned so much listening to Deepak Chopra’s insightful knowledge on spiritual connection. This particular book has shed so much light on spiritual principles that guide you every step of the way toward achieving your dreams. In reading it, everything he says makes perfect sense – A book every entrepreneur should read. 

The time to awaken is NOW and I can’t think of a better way than to start by learning to love and appreciate yourself with unconditional love. 

Awaken Your Inner Goddess is a book for reflecting on the self (the goddess that lies within you) and healing your emotional wounds. This book comes with exercises and tools to help you in your healing journey and in strengthening the light within – Because nothing or no one should ever have the power of dimming your light. If you’re looking to get passed through some emotional trauma or push through self-sabotage while learning how to self-care and self-love, this book is for you!

I also love how Matthew McConaughey shares his life story and experiences in Greenlights which makes it highly relatable while inspiring mindfulness for everyday life. 

Dive deeper with the The Untethered Soul and make a meaningful connection to your mind, body and spirit as you learn to go inward through consciousness, meditation and mindfulness. This is an excellent choice if you’re feeling disconnected and seeking a strong sense of self and healing. 


All the books I’ve listed, I have personally curated, most of which I have read myself. They are all amazing. Explore them to see which one pulls you to start reading first. 

It’s hard to say which one is best because they all serve a purpose in different circumstances, on different levels. Depending on where you are in your life. You can read one this week and then the same book in 3 weeks yet draw two different conclusions while discovering new ideas and insights. That’s why it’s never enough to just read once. Always keep to refer back to so you can open yourself up to gaining new insights each time. 

Let me know which book resonates with you the most. I’d love to see if these were helpful in any way. 🙂

Sending you love and light this Monday morning. xo

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