The Facebook Post that Shifted the Trajectory of My Life

Happy International Women’s Day! 

My wish for you today and every day is that you know how omnipotent your power is and to know that the power that lies within you has the potential to take your life to heights you never imagined. It all starts in the mind.  

The mind is our greatest asset. With it, there is ohhhh so much we can do and achieve but without being conscious and intentional about it, it can short circuit and lose potential. It simply just falls into a repetitive negative thought process that spirals downward over time and weakens your action steps.  

Plain and simple… It can either be your greatest strength or become your weakest link. It all depends on YOU. 

How a simple Facebook post shifted my life 

Although social media is frowned upon, if you use it wisely to your advantage, it can truly do wonders for you. I know, because I experienced it first hand and from that point on, things began to change one step at a time, one day at a time. 

During a time in my life when I was experiencing conflict within, felt unhappy, and felt like my life wasn’t going anywhere, I came across a post on Facebook that read something like this:

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

I’m sure it wasn’t the first time I saw it but it was the first time that it actually sunk in. I know now it was because at that point in time, I was in a different place mind and body. So, the timing was perfect. Just as everything else that we experience. It all comes to us in the most perfect timing. 

If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that life is always happening for us, not to us. 

When I read that post, I got to thinking about my past and all of the actions I had taken throughout my life. It made me realize that everything that I felt had happened to me or had been happening to me, wasn’t because I was doomed to fail or doomed to a life of misery, it was a result of all that I had done or had been doing that wasn’t in alignment with my higher self. 

I was completely out of alignment and in complete disarray. I was more concerned about what others thought of me that I allowed myself to conform to something that wasn’t me. I was living for others rather than myself. 

I knew then that something had to change. I couldn’t keep living my life the way I was. I couldn’t keep neglecting ME. And from that point on, with each step I took moving forward, I began to make changes. Changes that would shift my life in a more meaningful direction – One small change at a time, one day at a time. 

This is what I did (my new and improved action steps)

After seeing that post and connecting with the way it made me feel, I saved it to my phone and my computer where I could easily access it. This way I could always look back on it when I needed the reminder. That was the first step. 

The second step, I ‘liked’ the page of the account who posted it. I can’t remember the page it was but it was filled with good feels, inspiration and positive posts. That’s exactly what I needed more of. As I liked each post of inspiration, more would show up in my feed. I continued to like the page of those that inspired me so I could continue to see more. It wasn’t long before my Facebook feed transformed from a negative vibe to a more positive and uplifting vibe.  

As my feed began to transform, amidst the new string of posts I would find every morning, I saw a post of the Law of Attraction. I had no idea what that was back then so naturally, I was intrigued and began to research more about it. That then led me to learning about The Secret. Not long after that, I bought the book, The Secret and the DVD. The Rhonda Byrnes collection is something I highly recommend exploring. I’m reading The Magic now. Good stuff! 

For the third step, I used Facebook as my ‘go to’ for daily inspo. I was signing up for daily reminders and learning of new uplifting and positive vibe accounts that I would continue to explore and read more about. All these new action steps I was taking were beginning to redirect my path. 

I was clearing my life space of people, places and things that no longer served me and only weighed me down. 

I was elevating myself to a whole new level – One that felt so good to me that as I built momentum upon that “feel good state”, mind and body, there was no way I was going back. Everything in my life shifted. And all for the greater good. I was aligning with the best version of myself that was already in existence. 

And that my friend, is how one simple Facebook post shifted the trajectory of my life. It was the start of my journey of self-discovery and the best thing that could have happened for me. Don’t expect things to happen overnight because great things don’t evolve at light speed. They evolve in perfect order as long as your action steps are in alignment. The way you can tell is by gauging how you feel.  

Pause and acknowledge what you’re feeling… 

Are you sad?
Are you stressed?
Are you anxious?
Are you impatient? 
Are you upset? 


Are you happy?
Are you at peace?
Are you relaxed? 
Are you mindful? 
Are you patient?

If you’re feeling any negative emotion, that is your trigger and time to shift the thoughts that are consuming your mind. Keep in mind… You have POWER. Use it to your maximum potential and stop giving it away.

Some of the things I would do to help shift my thoughts is go for a walk outside and do what I love to call a meditative gratitude walk. This is where I would go for a walk outside and get lost in gratitude by expressing thanks for everything I am grateful for. This could be just about anything – your home, your bed, your car, your job, your family, your friends, your senses, your life, nature, the trees, etc… I could go on and on. You get the point, right? There is always something to be grateful for. 

Feeling grateful for everything you have and everything you are is the foundation to welcoming even more greatness into your life in whatever form, shape or size. Remember that. 

Let’s practice this together… One thing I am grateful for is YOU, for stopping by and reading this post. Thank you.

What is one thing YOU’RE grateful for? Share it with me in the comments below. Let’s start a gratitude chain and empower each other on this International Day of WOMEN! 🙂


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