The BEST Stocking Stuffers to Give This Holiday Season 2021

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Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and if you’re one to save stocking stuffers for last, well here you go! These are some of my favorite curated ones from Amazon and the latest in skincare tools from Sola Wave you NEED to check out!

The Pink Stuff is a highly sought after product this season which is an all purpose “miracle” cleaning paste that does it all. And, who doesn’t want that miracle cleaner?! I know I do! Lol

The Aromatherapy Shower Steamers make a great gift for maintaining a clean shower and saving cleaning time. Can’t go wrong with that!

If you want to add some relaxation sounds to soothe the mind after a long hard work day, the Bluetooth Shower Speaker makes a perfect gift for winding down in the shower or bath. If you’re a morning bather, a good podcast for inspiration and motivation would be ideal to kickstart your day during your morning shower time. This one comes in handy all around!

Lets not forget about foot warmers in the winter! Warm and fuzzy socks like these Barefoot Dreams Disney Cozy Socks are an absolute must. And who doesn’t love Disney?! 

How bout’ quality skincare? I’m sure the ladies on your list would love some good skincare products. The Dead Sea Mud Mask would be a great choice. Some of the best ingredients in the world come from the dead sea. I remember being introduced to dead sea products years ago by one of my dearest old friends who traveled the world as a flight attendant. She swore by the dead sea ingredients and I trusted her research and judgment whole heartedly. She knew what she was talking about. 

SOOO, you can’t go wrong with quality skincare. That’s for sure! 

Throw in the Gua Sha Facial Tool, Facial Steamer, Red Light Therapy and Serum Kit, or Anti-Aging Facial Globe and you are good to go! I’m all about natural anti-aging practices and tools to keep the skin looking vibrant and alive.

Of course, let’s not forget that it all starts with our internal healing – Mind and Body. 😉 

For the hair conscious person on your list, the Scalp Derma Roller along with the Vegamour GRO+ Higher Kit would make a perfect gift combo for the special person in your life. YES please!! 

The gift of self-care is always a major plus for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s something I’m committed to being more intentional with. We can’t afford not to be. 


A friendly reminder… I would wrap up your Christmas list as soon as possible to avoid shipping delays. As it is, most shipments are being delayed because of the holidays so keep that in mind as you move forward this week. 

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