The Best Advice I Would Give My Younger Self

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How often do you say, “If I’d known then what I know now, I would…”?  I know I’ve said this many times.  Because the truth is, we always find something in our past that we could go back and correct or do differently.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t ever look back and dwell on what went wrong.  At least not anymore!  I look back only to see how far I’ve come and how I can help others moving forward so that maybe, they could use my experience as an example to inspire them to take action toward creating their best life.

Real People, Real Stories 

Had a great conversation the other day with an attorney, owner of a major law firm in Charleston, SC who asked me,
“If you could give someone your best advice right now, what would that be? You have 30 seconds, Go!”

My answer was…

“Don’t wait until you’re ready… Start from wherever you are at the moment.”

This is the best advice I would give my younger self and if I could turn back time, I would jump on it in a heartbeat!

We often put off pursuing our dreams because we are afraid of what may or may not happen. We also get so comfortable in our day to day routine that we’re afraid to take the chance in disrupting our ‘comfortable’ lives.

As a result, we become stagnant and complacent.

That is when we continuously make excuses as to ‘why not now’ and start putting off our dreams for tomorrow while adding to our “one day” list.

We say things like, “I’m not ready” – “I don’t have the resources” – “I don’t have time” – “I’m waiting for the ‘right’ time” and the list goes on…These are all excuses that never get crushed because we continue to build upon them, never getting to where we truly want to go.

If this is you, know that you will never be ready, you will never have all the resources, and the ‘perfect’ time will never come. BUT…

… we ALL have access to the same 24 hours in a day so “time” is never a factor.  It’s how you use your time that makes all the difference.

For years, I put off pursuing my dreams thinking, “It’s not the right time” and “I don’t know where to even begin.”  I wasted so much time making excuses, when all I needed to do is start while taking it one small step at a time.  Often we want to do things all at once and when we start to think about how the process will go and all the work that it would entail, we quickly change our minds.


Because it would not only disrupt our state of comfort,  it would require giving up our social life to make it happen so we decide, “Nah, not yet… some other time.”  Then, we keep putting it off time and time again never ever getting anywhere.

Here’s the deal my friends… The time is HERE and NOW.  It’s up to YOU to decide.

Think about it…

Will you continue to put off your dreams and continue to dream about them OR will you start taking action steps TODAY to start bringing them into fruition.

All it takes is one step forward to lead to the next, then the next after that until you build the momentum you need to keep you moving forward. Then, there is no chance in hell you will want to look back!

YOU, are a warrior on the rise!

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