The 5 Best Sustainable Style & Fashion Rental Services

I am so excited to share some of the best sustainable style and fashion rental services that provide the opportunity to select high end clothing at a fraction of the cost. Also, by joining the sustainable fashion movement, you are helping to heal the earth one rental at a time.

Reuse. Recycle. Return. It’s that simple. 

More and more people are turning to clothing rental services to make their life easier. It’s a great way to constantly refresh your style while reducing the volume of clothing sent to landfills each year. Whether you’re in need of business attire, conference call tops to represent on Zoom, outfits for a night out, elegant style with a casual flair, athleisure, or any other occasion you might need, the sustainable fashion movement is changing the game!

This is truly the best way to go if you’re someone who gets bored of wearing the same clothes over and over again, refreshes your wardrobe more often than you’d like, likes to keep up with trending styles, or tends to keep clothes for a short length of time – something more and more people are doing – then a rental service may be your best bet. 

It not only saves you money, it does the planet a world of good. Matter of fact, it’s estimated that the average person ditches 70 pounds of clothing per year. Crazy, I know!

That’s where clothing rental services come in. They help reduce this kind of waste by providing you with a wide variety of clothes to rent versus buying them – From luxury to affordable daily looks to accessories. Let’s face it, a girl can’t wear the outfit without accessorizing! 

Simply rent your outfits and when you’re ready for the next, send it back and be ready to receive the new ones in return. And just like that, you’ll be on an automatic wardrobe refresh!

Armoire has a strong commitment in protecting the planet while providing some of the best curated looks. They make life easier by taking the guesswork out of choosing clothes and, if you’re like me, it can take forever to decide on what to wear sometimes. With their algorithm and professional stylists in place, you won’t have to worry about staring at your closet until something you like pops out, instead the platform will suggest items for you every month. 

Their average piece gets rented 10-16 times before it’s retired. But don’t you worry, they do a great job cleaning, mending and upcycling their clothes to maximize the lifecycle of each item. // Cleaning and shipping (to and from) is always free. // Packaging is minimal and consists of recyclable shipping bags. // Items are steam cleaned, sanitized and disinfected for optimal safety.

What I love about Armoire 

They donate retired clothing to charities like Dress for Success, Mary’s Place, and other community organizations. I also love that their inventory includes sustainable brands and locally owned female designers and clothiers who are earth friendly and provide artisans worldwide with fair wages. 

Now you can rent, wear, swap, and repeat all from your phone with the new Armoire app available from the Apple and Android app stores. 

Read more on their blog here


There are 3 membership plans to choose from with plans starting at $49 for the first month for a 4 item capsule, $59 (first month) for a 7 item capsule, and $99 (first month) for unlimited. With each membership, unused shipments always roll over plus you’ll receive members-only discounts for purchasing your favorite pieces. You can pause or cancel at any time. 

Learn more about how it works here

Rent the Runway was started in college and evolved into a rental revolution that disrupted the fashion industry. It wasn’t long before more followed. They specialize in renting designer clothes, and now rent accessories.

They are strongly committed and dedicated to green practices. // Pick and choose the styles you want from over 700 designers. // No return dates. // They offer one time rentals reserved for 4-8 days. // They have a rigorous steam cleaning process and use biodegradable detergents that are toxic-free. // They use plastic poly bags to immediately seal the cleaned garments for protection against additional handling. When returned, these bags are then recycled and turned into wood alternative building materials. // Free shipping and returns. 

What I love about RTR 

They use reusable garment bags to ship garments for their protection and that of the environment. When returned, they are thoroughly dry cleaned and ready to be reused. 

I love their new Revive program which works to extend the life of retired garments by making them available for purchase via their Sample Sales and select partners like thredUP or donated to nonprofit organizations like Dress for Success and FabScrap. 


Like Armoire, they have 3 membership plans to choose from with plans starting at $69 for the first month for up to 4 items per month from their basic closet; their most loved plan starts at $99 (first 2 months) for up to 8 items with full closet access; and $149 (first 2 months) for up to 16 items with full closet access. With each membership, unused shipments always roll over plus you’ll receive members-only discounts for purchasing your favorite pieces. 

As a member, you can purchase items at any time with an “always-on” members discount. Shipping fees do apply if not returned on time via the correct shipping service. 

Learn more about how it works here

Get 25% off one-time rentals with an $85 minimum purchase for a limited time. Use code SPRINGSALE

Gwynnie Bee was once a plus-size clothing service but has since shifted to suit women of all sizes from 0-32 with a mission to help women discover, experience, and enjoy great clothing without limitations. They provide access to popular clothing brands and enhance their member’s experience with their Size Advisor Tool. This tool is used to help members identify their size based on the brands they wear. Their First Fit Reviews is another option to see what others are saying about a particular brand fit before renting. 

Unlike the Armoire and RTR, with this one, you’ll add your favorite picks to their online closet and when it’s time to ship, the stylist team at Gwynnie Bee will choose items based on your plan. // Shipping and cleaning is free of charge. // Wear them as many times as you’d like before returning. // Items can be purchased at a discounted rate. // Cancel at any time.

What I love about Gwynnie Bee 

I love that they provide a Size Advisor Tool and give you access to First Fit Reviews. This is ideal when renting or buying when you don’t have the option to “try on.” It makes your chances of getting your size right the first time versus getting excited to receive your shipment only to find out that it doesn’t fit or looks good on you. In turn, minimizing unnecessary swaps while reducing shipping which makes it better for the environment. I also love that they rent out looks for all sizes and don’t just limit their clothing to smaller sizes. This makes it so that every woman can enjoy the service without size limitation. 


Membership ranges from $49 – $199 per month. The $49 plan is for one item at a time and it increases from there. Their pricing is dependent on the number of pieces you want to receive in a single shipment. Items can be sent back as often as you’d like exchanging 4 or more items per month. Larger plans will get 16-28 pieces per month. It’s up to the individual’s preference. 

Learn more about how it works here

Get 50% off your first month. 

Haverdash is the most budget friendly by providing the opportunity to rent unlimited clothing for only $59 per month or try them out free for 30 days. Choose from popular brands and build your virtual closet. Items are then selected and shipped from your closet. Use the “Prioritize” feature to select the items you want shipped first. When you’re ready for more, send your items back in the prepaid packaging but be sure to take advantage of the “Return Notify” feature to alert Haverdash you’re ready for the next. This way your next shipment will be ready to go upon receipt of your return. 

New looks are added weekly. // Get 3 styles delivered at a time and wear them as many times as you’d like. // Shipping and cleaning is always free. // Unlimited clothing rotations throughout the month. // Purchase favorite items at a discounted price. // Cancel at any time. 


No membership plans. // $59 flat rate per month. // 30 day free trial period. 

Learn more about how it works here

What I love about Haverdash

They make it affordable to rent clothing with their flat rate fee which makes it easier to jump on board sustainable rentals much faster. 

Rocksbox is a jewelry rental service that makes it easy to accessorize any outfit with style and class. As a member, you have access to over 1,000 designer pieces that compliment any look. With Rocksbox, you’ll create your jewelry “wish list” of the items you desire. Then, a Rocksbox personal stylist will select 3 items to send you at a time but before they ship, you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve their selection. This way you are sure to receive the jewelry pieces you want to accessorize with at that given time. Jewelry pieces include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. // Swap boxes at any time. // Each box has a retail value of about $200. // Shipping is always free. // Member discounts for purchases offered. 


No membership plans. // $21 flat rate per month. // Purchase your favorite pieces by using your membership fee as credit.

Learn more about how it works here

What I love about Rocksbox

They make it affordable to accessorize with a wide variety of stylish, high quality jewelry that makes it easy to try without having to buy. It’s a great way to declutter your jewelry box and reduce the wasteful demand of natural resources.

Please keep in mind to choose consciously when making your rental selections with whatever rental service you choose as not all clothing pieces are vegan. Be sure to opt out of fur, leather, silk, wool, feathers, animal skin or any other animal derived products for a 100% ethical and sustainable selection. 

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