The #1 Way to Tackle Your Fear

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There is no doubt that fear lies in each and every one of us. It’s the cause of setbacks in our lives when we choose to let it over power us! And if you don’t work on taking control over it, it will continue to control you. Leaving you limited and keeping you from doing what you truly desire to do.

Whatever that is…

Maybe it’s setting yourself free from a toxic relationship you’ve been in for years and are afraid to let go because you’re comfortable and afraid to start over or maybe following through with an idea that’s been poking at your brain for some time now but because you’ve been afraid of failure, you’ve put it off.

It’s OK to be afraid but it’s not OK to let fear own you to the point that it stops you from achieving your goals.

The #1 way to tackle your fears is to face them head on, one by one.

If you’re afraid of heights, hike up a mountain. Absorb the beauty on your way up and visualize yourself already at the top.

If you’re afraid to start a wellness plan because you think you may not follow through, start it anyway. Start small and work your way up. Visualize yourself already at your ideal weight and in optimal health.

If you’re afraid to speak your truth because of what others may think, DO IT ANYWAY. Focus on yourself only and visualize yourself feeling free and at ease after having expressed yourself.

Yeah, some may not like it and some may criticize or judge you but that’s OK. Keep going… They’ll either respect you or let you go and if they let you go, then, they weren’t worth having in your life anyway.

There is no greater feeling than to break through your fears and feel that sense of relief.  There is nothing you cannot do as long as you stay focused on that voice within that whispers, “YOU CAN”.

You just have to believe it, know it, and FEEL it.

This week, find one thing that really puts the fear in you and make strides by confronting it and putting it to rest. Then, come back and let me know how you crushed your goal because of it. Remember, you have got this my friend!

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