A Simple to Make Kale Salad

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This week I’m taking it to the kitchen to show you how simple it is to make a healthy, nourishing, salad that will fill you up and keep you coming back for more! This is my first of many recipe videos to come. My goal is to show you how simple it can be to eat raw, living, plant-based foods that promotes a true, healthy, cruelty-free way of life. Here’s what you’ll need for this recipe – Ingredients for the … Read More

The Health Benefits of a Regular Cardiovascular Program

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We all know that exercise plays a major role in our overall well-being.  Yet, for many, it’s a big enough challenge getting one or two workouts in a week, let alone develop a regular habit of it.  Most of which stems from a toxic, fatigued body, lacking energy, motivation, and the desire to live a healthier, vibrant life. What’s the antidote? Develop healthy lifestyle habits.  Doing so will energize your mind and body, and fuel your desire for a more … Read More

Natural Weight-Gain System: Gain Weight the Healthy Way

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For many, the desire to lose weight is a common factor but for others, weight gain is a struggle and a major challenge.  With any kind of weight issue lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, depreciation of self-love, and even depression follows. Just as there are many ways to lose weight, there are also many ways to gain weight.  Whichever the goal, the key to keeping the weight off or keeping it on is to make it happen healthfully and naturally so … Read More