Trending Sustainable Vegan Sneakers High in Demand

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

Ever since I’ve become more eco-conscious, I have been exploring alternative options for sustainable living which really feels good to incorporate. It’s all about working toward being “the change.” Not just from one angle but from ALL angles. I’m not 100% but I am taking steps every day to become better one conscious choice at a time.

I’m seeing more and more brands stepping up their sustainability game which is amazing. Although, not all brands who represent sustainable living are vegan. So just something to be conscious of when shopping.

The brazilian sustainable sneaker company, Cariuma is one of them but I do like that they are not only consciously working toward improving their carbon footprint, they’re taking steps toward designing vegan friendly ‘greener’ shoes that are crafted from plants, recycled plastics and bamboo which is cut from the stalk, leaving the tree and soil in tact so that it remains with the potential to grow back. 

Their IBI vegan sneaker is their new line which rolled out in October of 2020 and they look amazing! It’s no wonder they sold out not long after launching with a 5,000 person waitlist. How crazy is that? The collection is inspired by the colors found in nature from different regions around the world. 

The colors I love the most are the rose knit, stone blush knit, off-white knit, black knit, sand knit, and stone grey knit. In just looking at these, I would never have thought they are vegan. Vegan fashion and shoes aren’t always made with stylish appearance but Cariuma has done well with these. I want a few pairs of my own! Lol.

And if you want to grab a pair for yourself, they’re offering free express shipping for Valentine’s Day with code REDHEARTS for a limited time. Plus, with each pair you buy, they plant two trees. I love that!

It truly amazes me how they make these shoes 100% vegan. Their outer sole is made with sugarcane and the memory foam inside is made with recyclable cork and organic mamona oil. They are also lightweight and completely machine washable which is a definite must for me. 

It’s also good to know that their production and shipping methods are 100% carbon neutral which reduces the impact on the environment. And if that’s not enough, they are also working to help conservation in the Amazon rainforest. 

And did you know that big brands like Adidas, Nike, and Doc Martens (to name a few) are also stepping up their game? Yep! They’ve rolled out their own vegan shoes.

There is no end in sight as the demand for vegan, eco-friendly products continues to increase. This is an upward trend my friend and not something that will fizzle off. Our world is in dire need of change. Starting with agriculture which is the largest issue of them all. 

*Photo images from Cariuma

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