Strength is Not an Overnight Superpower

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Strength is not something that we are born with, it’s something that we develop over time through hardships and life experience. It comes from falling time after time and getting back up stronger than the last.

The past couple of months have been trying on my daughter and I. She claims I’m stronger than she is which in her eyes means there is nothing I can’t handle.

Now let me back track a bit…

I had my daughter at the age of 18.  I wasn’t prepared for a child but then again, who is at that age?  All I knew is that I was now a mom who was forced to grow up.  I had to figure it out one way or another because aborting or giving my child up for adoption was never an option in my mind.  Although according to my friends at the time, I should have had an abortion.

My thought process was, it wasn’t the child’s fault, it was mine for getting myself into the mess I was not prepared for.  So, I knew that I had to face the consequences and do right by the child I was going to give birth to.  As a result, I lost all my friends but one, which turned out to be one of my best friends.  She was there for me through it all and never faltered. For that, I will forever be grateful.

This was my first real lesson in strength building!

I made the decision to focus on raising my daughter the best way I knew how, so I did.  I endured all kinds of challenges and obstacles with each one making me stronger along the way.  As soon as she went off to college, it was then, my turn to begin designing my own life.

She is now out of college and in the process of designing her own life.  Only problem is, I’m still working on mine as it is taking me longer to build putting us in a situation that has been challenging for the both of us with fluctuating stress levels, tension build up, and unforeseen animosity at times which we are learning to work though.

No one's life is perfect. At the end of the day, we are all human and sometimes life circumstances can take a toll on us. It's how quickly we can turn them around and tackle them head on that makes the difference…

“But mom, you’re stronger than me.” She says…

We aren’t born strong.  Life experiences make us strong.  Despite how strong I’ve grown to become; we all have our moments.  It is what we do in those moments that will either help pull us through or sink us deeper.

There is no doubt I am strong, BUT even the strongest of us can be found in a state of momentary weakness.  The operative word being “momentary”.

The key is acknowledging it and changing the story in your head. So, instead of dwelling on all that is going or has gone wrong, direct your focus on to all that is going and has gone right, because what you focus on expands.  Focus on the negative and you will get more negative, focus on the positive and you will get more positive.  Ultimately, where your focus and attention goes, energy will flow.

For me it’s…

  1. Excellent health, because without it I couldn’t keep going.
  2. Holding the vision of the life I’m in the process of creating as I continue to pursue the dreams I put on hold years ago.
  3. Having the support of my parents and friends who are willing to help me as I keep moving forward.
  4. Most importantly, trusting, knowing and having unwavering faith that God has my back and will continue to lead the way.

So, strength… It isn’t something we are born with. It is something we build through life experiences.  Embrace every challenge, every obstacle, and every rock bottom experience with complete gratitude, because with each one, you will find yourself becoming an unstoppable force of strength in the pursuit of love, your happiness, and your dreams.

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