Self-Love: The Foundation for Success

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We live in a world where people pleasing and making time for everyone and everything else but ourselves takes precedence.

We surround ourselves by people that don’t make us feel good nor serve us in any way. 

We engage in activities and events that we really don’t want to be a part of, all so we can make someone else happy.  


Because we feel bad and making others happy is our way to escape from facing our own internal demons…

Fear of rejection: The fear that voicing our opinions or expressing our desires may lead to rejection.

Fear of disappointing others: We don’t want to disappoint anyone because doing that will make us feel bad about ourselves. 

Fear of criticism: Subjecting ourselves to potential criticism makes us feel worthless, incapable, or of little value. 

Fear of being alone: No one wants to live life alone.  We all want to have friends and be included versus being left out. We want to fit in and feel loved. 

The problem is, it is at our own expense that we find ourselves surrounded by the wrong people, end up in the wrong relationships, and lose ourselves along the way. 

For years, I allowed myself to conform so that others would want to be around me. I wanted people to like me and invite me to their gatherings. 

I wanted to “fit in.”

I thought if I conformed to everyone else’s ideas, habits, and dress code, they would like me and want to be around me.  The truth is, I was only hurting myself and those I truly loved…. My family and my real friends. All so I could be included in what I thought was the “in” crowd.  

I became someone I did not feel good about. In turn, I became unhappy with my life. 

As time progressed, I began to make some changes and this is what I learned…  

Love and appreciation for yourself, first and foremost, is critical to becoming and aligning with your best self.  When you love, and appreciate yourself, you learn to walk away from anyone or anything that compromises that in any way without looking back.  The foundation to all successful outcomes in your life is derived from the unconditional love and appreciation you have within. When you love and appreciate yourself fully and unconditionally, you open the door to success on all levels and in all areas of your life. You build the utmost in self-confidence, grow professionally, develop positive relationships, gain insights, opportunities and complacency no longer holds a place in your life. 

Focusing on yourself and your needs before anyone or anything else will lead to successful outcomes. When the mind is scattered, and focused on everyone and everything else, you open yourself up for chaos, disappointments, and self-destruction. 

Forgiveness of yourself and others, takes the weight off your back and a huge load off your shoulders! When you learn to forgive yourself and others, you open yourself up to the possibility of being more. You no longer allow yourself to be controlled by others nor the outside world. You are no longer paralyzed, but set free.  

Accepting who you were meant to be in whole – mind, body, spirit – and unapologetically, you allow yourself to align with the greatest version of yourself that already exists. When you accept yourself as you desire to be, your greatness begins to shine through. That is when all the right people will begin to show up.

Comparing yourself to others is not only detrimental to your health but exponentially, to your success.When you compare yourself to someone else’s journey or dwell on how far they have come versus where you currently are, is a major setback in your endeavors. Knowing that we are all on our own unique journey and each have the potential to grow and expand without limitation, is the mindset that will take your life to the level you desire. The only one putting limitations on your life is you. There is no comparison or overnight success. Everyone must start somewhere and none of us get there without putting in time or hard work. 

Most importantly, without unconditional love for ourselves and the unwavering belief that there is nothing we cannot do!

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