Rebranding: Warriors on the Rise and What It Represents

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Life is about shifting, growing, evolving and recreating ourselves.

It’s about taking chances, risks, and making shifts that are not always comfortable. Sometimes it’s scary and sometimes it’s beautiful.  Most of the time, it’s both.

As an entrepreneur and someone who is continuously taking chances and exploring ideas despite the fear, I’ve learned that in order to be true to yourself, you must learn to listen to the faint voice inside you that whispers, “Keep going, I’ve got you!” no matter how tough things may seem.

That faint voice inside you is your internal compass, your guide, your gut instinct, your intuition, your source… God. When we allow ourselves to pay attention rather than drown it out with the noise that surrounds us and the negative chatter in our heads, it becomes clear, connecting us to our very own power.

That is when sound decisions are made, ideas develop, and opportunities arise.  It’s how Warriors on the Rise was born.  Still in the baby stages, it is a powerful idea in the making. One you will want to stick around as it unfolds!

“You’ve seen my descent. Now, watch my rising.” – Rumi

The Idea Behind Warriors on the Rise and What It Represents

Warriors on the Rise was birthed from the idea that we all deserve to live a life we love, doing what we love and loving what we do.  It stems from struggle and the development of resilience in the face of adversity.

It’s a brand that represents strength, resilience, and empowerment.

The idea behind Warriors on the Rise is to empower women to step into their power, to be more, learn more, dream more, and become who they were born to be. Ultimately, creating a life they truly love and deserve.

My vision is for girls and women to unite, support, uplift and empower each other so that together, we can create a new statistic.

For years, I went from one job to the next. I was judged and criticized for not having stability. It hurt and it was hard, but I kept at it anyway.  I was always looking for opportunities that would work for my single mom lifestyle since I had a daughter to support, provide and be present for.

My requirements were:

  • Opportunity for growth both in position and salary
  • Health benefits
  • Schedule

I would stay in a job until growth became stagnant and then start over somewhere else.  I worked hard at building a diverse skill set and developing strong leadership and managerial skills in the hope that I would be able to grow based on experience and skill set.  Not so much!

No matter how much experience I acquired over the years or how skilled I became, I remained in the same salary bracket and no matter what I did or what I was capable of doing, nothing changed.  All because I didn’t have the piece of paper that “supposedly” proved I was capable of more.

At least, that is what I was reminded of when I would attempt to move up the ladder.

Then, in my second to last job, I faced what I never thought I would…Gender discrimination.  It was unbelievable how the guys would get everything they wanted including bonuses (partial to the guys), position and salary, degree or no degree.   Meanwhile, I would work my butt off to try and prove myself, even after being promoted to operations manager on a contingency of monetary promises that were never kept, only to get chum change, be patronized, spoken to in a condescending manner, and treated like crap.

In the end, it served to be my best experience ever.

It is what led me to making it my life mission to never work for anyone ever again and realigning with the entrepreneur I have always been.  Now, I want to teach others how to do the same as we are ALL meant for more.

Repeat after me:

I AM a girl boss warrior… Boss of ME and boss of my own life.

I AM meant for more.

I AM unstoppable.

I AM a warrior on the rise!

Never let anyone tell you different.

You have read to this point because this message resonates with you on some level.  One you may or may not be clear on just yet.  There is a flame burning inside you longing to ignite your power and unleash the warrior that lies within.

You have dreams you want to achieve and goals you want to reach but you’re not sure where to start.

It is my desire to help you achieve those goals and dreams.

Whether you are looking to change careers, grow in your current career, or create something that ignites your fire to do and be more, then you, my friend, have come to the right place.

I am here to help you achieve fulfillment and success in the career of your dreams!

Would you like to chat? Click here to schedule a day and time that works best for you. 

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