Real Conversations: A Young Man’s Brave Decision to Quit His Job

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Just the other day, I met a young man who had just walked out of his job.

After giving it his all for several years while proving to be driven and a hard worker, he was treated unfairly.  He felt unappreciated and disrespected by a manager who was manipulative and condescending; and although he needed his job, he made the very brave decision to no longer tolerate being mistreated.

Grateful to have been there for him, he proceeded to share with me that as he walked into work that morning, he felt so sick to his stomach that he was throwing up.  He gave his manager a head’s up by telling him that he wasn’t sure if he would be able to make it to the end of the day.

His manager replied,“I can find several other people who would want to work until 3”; never taking the time to listen or even try to understand the situation in an attempt to help improve it.  Instead, he lost a valuable employee.

That young man left feeling amazing knowing he deserves better and is beyond capable of doing much more than he was subjecting himself to.

When he shared his story with me, my immediate reaction was, “Woohoo! Good for you! That is something to be proud of!”

Having experienced a similar situation in a past work experience and resulting in the decision to never work for anyone again, I completely understood where this young man was coming from.

Like many employers who don’t take the time to appreciate and see the value and potential in their employees, they often threaten replacement, demotion or termination.

A Sad Statistical Reality…  

83% of Americans are going to jobs they hate and working in jobs that don’t stimulate them. Come Sunday, they’re already getting sick just thinking about going.  The anxiety starts to build at the thought of waking up Monday morning and heading into misery.

In several studies of various populations over the years, scientists have found that deaths from heart attacks follow a pattern during the week. They occur at their lowest rates on weekends, jump significantly on Mondays, then drop again on Tuesdays.

The most recent study to examine this trend was published last year in The European Journal of Epidemiology, based on an analysis of several previous studies in different countries.

It found that the risk of a heart attack was about 20 percent greater on Mondays for adult men, and 15 percent greater for adult women.

Article written by the NY Times.

Sadly, so many of us go day by day just rolling with the punches and going with the motions unhappy in our jobs, yet not doing anything about it.

Deep down, we know we have potential and we are capable of being more but for some reason, choose to stay where we are out of…

– Fear

– Security and comfortability

– Afraid of change

– Not knowing what to do next or where to start

I know. I’ve been there.

Unless we are willing to take actionable steps toward breaking free from employment and cubicle hell, we will hinder our ability to reach our full potential and allow our circumstance to control us.

So, what does it take to push through situations like this?

Having a break-through.

I was abruptly hit with my break-through but OHHHH so grateful that it came!

After acquiring about 1-1/2 years of college credits then, moving to North Carolina and learning that none of them would transfer to the community college, I had given up on school and decided that I would have to subject myself to an employer for the rest of my life.

I allowed my circumstances get the best of me…

… I was treated unfairly

… faced gender discrimination

and my hard work, dedication, and ability to go above and beyond was taken advantage of.

I took a promotion where I worked double the hours and my salary increase was contingent upon proving myself for 6 months.  Not that I had to because I was already 4 years in and they already knew my work ethic but because I was desperate for a salary increase, I took it.

Come those 6 months, I was cheated out of what I was promised.  This, after given them 6 months of extreme hard work and taking on the load of several people (without additional pay).  I had allowed myself to be overloaded, manipulated, and taken advantage of.

And, through it all, I was talked down to, patronized, and treated in a condescending manner.  I was also threatened to be replaced and was told that no one is irreplaceable.

To my face I was told, “I could replace you in a heartbeat. I could easily hire someone with a degree to work for less.”

Still, a part of me knew there was more to me than I was allowing. I deserved more and was worthy of more.  

Not long after that, a friend of mine suggested I contact the University of North Carolina to see if my credits would transfer.

My first thought was, “If the community college won’t take my credits, what makes you think the University will?”

I began developing the story of “it’s not possible… what if they don’t transfer” but quickly turned it around and instead, started telling myself, “what if they do” and took the chance…

All my credits transferred!

That is when I decided to step down and go back to school full-time.  I also decided that I never wanted to work for anyone ever again.  I was prepared to do whatever I had to in order to make it happen.

It was the best day of my life.  One I will never forget as it was the beginning of my journey of self-discovery.

Giving up should never be an option.  Doing so hinders your ability to create a life you truly love and deserve.

If you feel you’ve tried everything, but are still stuck, you still have work to do.

You haven’t tried everything, until you have found a solution.
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