Raw Vegan Hot Cocoa | Recipe

Growing up, hot cocoa was always my favorite on those crisp, cold Saturday mornings when school was out. 

But back then, hot cocoa was far from healthy. It was the packaged instant, processed junk stuff you see on the shelves or the big block of chocolate my dad would make hot cocoa out of that came from Colombia. This one wasn’t too bad but to be honest, I have no idea how it was made or what it contained!

Today, I choose to make a more natural and healthier version which is by far much more tastier than the processed stuff. Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!😉

My healthy, delicious raw vegan hot cocoa recipe


1/2 cup raw cashews

2 tbsp cacao powder

2 cups water

4 pitted dates

½ vanilla bean (or pinch of vanilla powder)

1/4 cup frothed Three Trees Almond Vanilla milk 


Blend all ingredients except for almond milk in your Vitamix or high speed blender of choice. Add in almond milk, stir and enjoy!

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