Raw Vegan Cereal | Recipe

If cereal is what you like to reach for in the morning, here’s a great way to swap the processed box with a simple and delicious raw food option…

Fruit smoothies are my typical “go-to” in the morning but when I have the urge for a cereal type breakfast, this is the next best thing and if you love cereal, you’ll have to give this one a try! 😉 

I used Three Trees unsweetened almond milk in this recipe and it was so good! If you’d like to see the recipes I created using their milk, head on over to my YouTube channel and give it a watch HERE

Raw vegan cereal recipe


2 bartlett pears, cut into pieces 

1 golden delicious apple, cut into pieces

2 sliced bananas

2 cups sliced strawberries 

1 cup cashew butter hemp seed granola (or your favorite granola crumbles)

¼ cup coconut shreds

A drizzle of date syrup 

2 cups Three Trees Unsweetened Almond milk

Add all ingredients to a medium to large bowl setting the granola, coconut shreds and date syrup aside. These will be your toppings. 

Pour the milk over fruit. Then, top off with the granola, coconut shreds and date syrup. Mix it all up and enjoy!


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