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One of the questions I’m often asked is, “What do you typically eat in one day?” A common and natural question to ask whether you’re a newbie in the raw food world, have already gotten your feet wet but are ready to dive into deeper waters, or simply just looking for some inspiration.  Whichever the reason is, I will gladly break it down for you.

Anything to help you along your wellness journey!

Wherever you’re at in your journey, it’s important to keep in mind that your body requires a certain number of calories, micro and macronutrients from fresh, whole, living foods in order to truly thrive and feel alive.

So how does someone who lives off of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seed meals get their body’s required caloric intake, micro and macronutrients? I will tell you.  But first, let me begin by filling you in on where I was once at when my life was supposedly “healthy”.  I’m sure some, if not most, can relate.


For years, a typical day of eating consisted of either an egg sandwich from Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds, oatmeal, or processed cereal for breakfast, plus a large cup (or two) of the strongest coffee I could make (sugar and creamer added) if it wasn’t a sugary sweet cold coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

Lunch was a chicken sandwich, turkey sub, or pasta with tuna fish for lunch; and for dinner a salad loaded with all the fixings (fat and non-nutritional) smothered in processed “junk” dressing, homemade fajitas loaded with processed ingredients, or a chicken meal made from a recipe found online also loaded with processed ingredients.  I thought, if I was making it from scratch, it must be better for me.  Not so much.

Snacks in between were either a protein bar or some kind of so-called “nutritional” bar.

It was all about the protein and so protein driven.  More like “fat” driven!

It’s amazing to see where I was and where I am today with my nutritional health.  I must admit, it’s a great feeling living Raw & Alive!


After years of trying to lose weight, get lean, build healthy muscle tone, and not being able to get my body where I want it, I knew something had to change.  Inspired by Pink and her maintaining her dance and gymnast body, coming from being a dancer and gymnast myself, I began to make serious changes.  I also knew that in order for me to help others, I had to first help myself.  It would only be then that I could lead by example.

Seeing and hearing about so many people around me and close to me being diagnosed with illness and disease, specifically cancer, was an even stronger driving force to lead and motivate people into living healthier, more inspired lives.

Unlike the past, my days now consist of consuming 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein, and 10% healthy fats.  My caloric consumption increases as the intensity of my workouts increase and can range anywhere between 1900 – 2200 calories.

That being said –

A typical day of meals for me consists of…

Upon wakening:  I’ll typically start off replenishing with an 8oz glass of lemon water consisting of a small freshly squeezed lemon.

Total calories: 12

Breakfast:  For breakfast I generally have two 32oz fruit smoothies loaded with fruit.  For example, 1/2 pineapple (227 cals/2.45gms protein/0.5gms fat), 1 mango (124 cals/1.7gms protein/0.8gms fat), 1 apple (93 cals/0.5gms protein/0.3gms fat), and 1 cup raspberries (64 cals/1.5gms protein/0.8gms fat)

Total calories:  508
Total protein:  6.15
Total fat:  2.4

That will keep me full enough until my next meal which brings me to…

Lunch:  My lunch meal typically consists of a 32oz green smoothie which includes about 5 bananas (525 cals/6.4gms protein/1.9gms fat), 3 medjool dates (199 cals/1.3gms protein/0.1gms fat), ¼ cup raisins (85 cals/0.9gms protein/0.1gms fat), handful bunch of spinach (26 cals/3.2gms protein/0.4gms fat), 2 tablespoons of raw cacao nibs (90 cals/2gms protein/7gms fat) for a chocolatey crunch since I just love chocolate and ¼ cup 100% coconut water (11 cals/0.4gms protein/0.1gms fat), sometimes just distilled water.

Total calories:  936
Total protein:  14.2
Total fat:  9.6

Last but not least…

Dinner:  This last and final meal of the day for me consists of a large salad.  Because fruits and veggies are so low in calories, it’s important that I get a sufficient amount of food in to fuel my body properly.

This meal typically includes, a half to a full head of dark leafy greens such as red leaf lettuce with added microgreens (approx. 60 cals/3.9gms protein/0.6gms fat), 8 cherry tomatoes (40 cals/0gms protein/0gms fat), 2 cups red cabbage (43 cals/2gms protein/0.2gms fat), 1 cucumber (45 cals/2gms protein/0.3gms fat), 3 celery stalks (26 cals/1.3gms protein/0.3gms fat), 1/3 cup dulse sea vegetable (20 cals/2gms protein/0gms fat), and an avocado (322 cals/4gms protein/29.5gms fat) mash with fresh squeezed lemon juice for the dressing.

Total calories:  568
Total protein:  15.2
Total fat:  30.9

As you can see, I don’t snack in between meals unless I use less fruit; at which point, I will snack on more fruit if I’m hungry.  Contrary to popular belief, snacking in between meals is not necessary and I don’t recommend it unless you do get hungry but eating in this way, true hunger really isn’t an issue.  It is best to let your meals fully digest without throwing anything else into the mix letting your digestive system rest in between meals for successful processing and optimum nutrient absorption.

Today, I live a life so full of vitality, optimal health, inspiration, and gratitude knowing that because I have been able to change my life for the better, I am in a great place to be able to help others do the same.

Ready to join me on the Raw & Alive journey? Comment below and spread the love of raw fruits & veggies!

Rooting you on in your wellness journey!
Sandra xo

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