Purple Carrot Review: My First Plant-Based Meal Delivery

Purple Carrot is a vegan, plant-based meal delivery service that offers healthy, plant-based, nourishing meals consisting of both meal kits and prepared meals for anyone looking to simplify their lives and incorporate healthier meals into their diet.

They also give you the option to add-on additional meals a la carte as well as snack items from their “plantry” at checkout. 

While there are several meal kit companies like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron out there, they are mostly geared toward omnivores and have very limited vegetarian/vegan options. 

In a previous post, I wrote about placing my first Purple Carrot order and my meal selection. Today, I’m sharing an honest review on my first Purple Carrot meal delivery. 

Making Changes to Your Meals

Changing your meal selection is not a problem at all. If for some reason you decide to change your mind after placing your order, you have the option to make changes and swap out meals if you decide you want to go with something else. Provided it’s done before the order ships. 

Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to make changes depending on when your order is scheduled to go out but pay attention to your emails because they will send you notifications of how many days you have left before you can no longer make changes. They are really good at reminding you so that is never an issue. 

Another good point is that you get to see the list of ingredients, instructions, cooking time, and nutritional info for each recipe before choosing your meals. You also have the option to add up to 3 extras to your order before it ships.

The Delivery Process

The delivery process after placing your order is on point. They do a great job updating you from when the order is placed to the moment your order ships by providing you with complete tracking information and instructions, how, when and who to reach out to, a recap of the meals included with photos and a downloadable recipe booklet with all the recipes included for the week. So even though you may not have ordered all the meals being offered for the week, they still send it to you in a recipe book which you will get physically with your shipment as well as in an e-booklet downloadable format. 

The recipe book is like a meal plan. Perfect for those looking for guidance and ideas for what to eat. Cutting out the process of trying to figure out what to eat on a daily basis is a HUGE time savings, it’s less stressful and makes you less prone to resorting to JUNK food. 

The recipe book includes step-by-step instructions with bright, colorful photos of breakfast, lunch and other bonus recipes which is a major plus. I was impressed.

Although I will say that I was very disappointed they didn’t deliver it to my door as I had expected. I had to go down to the leasing office to pick up my box which was a huge inconvenience for me but something that would fall on the delivery company rather than the meal service I would think. 

The Unboxing

I will admit, I was a bit concerned at how the food might arrive because shipping raw, perishable food can be tricky so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Especially considering this was my first meal delivery. Happy to say that the food arrived fresh and well packaged. Once again, I was impressed. 

By the way, I attempted to start my own meal delivery service for raw plant-based food a few years back and I quickly brought it to an end when shipping and packaging to keep the food fresh turned out to be a big ordeal. So, I have to hand it to them for what they do because it’s definitely not an easy process and not only requires a lot of work but can be extremely costly with shipping costs. 

Grateful for what they do and being in existence because it’s something highly needed for those committed to improving their health and living a healthy lifestyle. 

My only complaint is that the arugula greens didn’t meet my expectations. For some, they may have been just fine but for someone who eats raw and has high expectations when it comes to produce quality, they weren’t as good looking but then again, it didn’t matter to me because I don’t like arugula and I was ready to replace it with my own greens anyway. 

Other than that, the meals were fresh, perfectly packaged and labeled accordingly. I’m not a fan of cooking so I didn’t make the meals every day. So even after a week, the meals were still in good standing. As long as you retain them in their packaging and in the fridge, they will last you for about 1-2 weeks.

Preparing and Cooking the Meals

Each meal ordered is included in the recipe book that comes in the box and comes with step-by-step instructions on how to successfully prepare and cook each meal. The book includes colorful photos, as mentioned above, along with detailed steps to ensure you get it right. Perfect for those who are not “cook” savvy. Trust me, there is no way you can mess it up.

I will admit that preparing and cooking meals is not something I want to keep doing and haven’t been for years. It’s just too much work and a reminder as to why I love living my raw food lifestyle! Lol. I don’t miss cooking one bit but for those who do cook, Purple Carrot provides well-balanced, fresh, clean ingredient meals. Their meals do incorporate raw food options which is why I wanted to try them out before I can fully recommend them. 

They’re not only easy to follow, they’re super flavorful and delicious! And if you’re not vegan, I can assure you, you will fall in love with them. My daughter who is more vegetarian than vegan, fell in love with the first Purple Carrot meal I made which was the Japanese Gnocchi. She wanted more! This without adding cheese which she had readily available to sprinkle on. She even forgot it was there! That’s how flavorful and good it was. We both LOVED it.

The Ingredients Used

According to Purple Carrot, most non-produce items are organic, including nut milk, beans, tofu, and tempeh. Although they also prioritize fruits and vegetables that are organic and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), these options are sometimes limited by shipping constraints and availability.

Box and Packaging 

The box, ice pack and packaging are fully recyclable. You’ll even receive an email that breaks it all down for you with recycling instructions on what to do with it all. It’s super easy!

Let’s Talk Pricing

Shipping is free but the box is not cheap so if you’re looking for ‘cheap’, this isn’t the box for you. The cost starts at $73 per box for 2 with 3 meals per week for each (total of 6 meals for the week) but if you’d like to try it out like I did, you can order your first box with discount code CARROT30 and get $30 off your first order. 

See the available price plans HERE

Bonus: You get a FREE box after your fourth box delivery which I think is pretty awesome. 

Would I Order Again?

Absolutely. The meals are just so good and delicious but I would rather have someone cook them for me instead!

For now, because eating cooked food is not my preferred choice, I’m opting out for the moment. I tend to get so dehydrated when I eat a cooked meal. I feel it instantly. I mention it in this video and show you what I end up doing at the end as a result. Feel free to give it a watch HERE. 🙂 

Summing it Up

All in all, I was very impressed with the service, communication and quality of food delivered. The Japanese Gnocchi is AMAZING and would have ordered a double if I could. I haven’t gotten around to making the other two meals yet because like I mentioned earlier, I’m not a fan of cooking and although the food is delicious, I quickly become dehydrated because my body is so used to consuming uncooked food full of life and water content that when I eat something cooked, I quickly feel the effects. 

However, I did want to see what this box was all about before I felt comfortable recommending it. I wanted to make sure the ingredients were fresh and not highly processed and see for myself whether or not this was a box worth investing in. For someone who needs help with meal planning and nourishment, I would say it’s totally worth it. 

It doesn’t have to be permanent but enough to get you in the flow of good nutrition and ideas to be able to move forward on your own. At which point, you can stop. Or for those who want to keep it going, that’s great but it’s definitely a great option to get you started and moving in the right direction. 

Final Thoughts

As with anything that comes to health and wellness, it’s going to be an investment. The question is, how much are you willing to invest? Is your health worth it? What are you willing to give up to make things right with your health? 

In order to make things work, you have to give and take. 

For me, it was giving up the drinking, partying and eating out to be able to invest in my health and well-being. That was more important to me than the next party or night out where I would blow money without giving it a second thought or wasting my money at a restaurant where the food may taste good but the ingredient quality is low. THAT to me is not worth it. 

We have to step back and analyze what we are currently doing and where our money is going to see where we can shift to make things work. Not just with nutrition but with everything that contributes to a true, healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day, your health, well-being and life is most important. It’s a matter of how important it is to YOU. 


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