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Want to raise animal awareness for animals you love? Perhaps support an environmental or humanitarian cause close to your heart or maybe you or someone you love has been struck by cancer or struggles with mental health, Parkinsons, Alzheimers or an anxiety disorder?  

With Pura Vida Bracelets, you can do just that. 

Pura Vida is an organization that was founded by Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman after taking a college graduation trip to Costa Rica in 2010 when two artisans struggling to make ends meet caught their attention with their colorful handmade bracelets. 

Read their story here

I remember as a child, when I would go to summer camp, we would make these types of bracelets (not as nice of course). We called them “friendship” bracelets. I loved them! They were so much fun to make. Do you remember them? It was cool to stumble across a brand that turned these handmade gems into something phenomenal. 

Fast forward to 2021, Pura Vida is thriving more than ever and so are the artisans behind the idea with the support of fans worldwide. 

What I love about this brand is that they support artisan communities and charitable organizations all over the world partnering with over 200 charities to donate over $3.3 million to causes dear to your heart among the many other great things they are doing to create change in the world. It’s the reason the Charity Collection was created and where 5% of the purchase price is donated to charity. 

Learn more about the percentage donated here

I particularly love their Animal Awareness collection because for one, I have a passion for animals like no other. I feel animals are one of the most vulnerable, helpless species on this planet that humans unjustly and inhumanely exploit and take advantage of. They are the most kind, loving, and beautiful among all of God’s creations and do not deserve the hell they humans put them through. 

I first learned about the environment and the animals affected by it when I took a class in Environmental Science in college. It changed my thought process completely when I saw the disgusting way marine animals are treated and killed. It’s the ‘slaughterhouse’ of the ocean. Which is why it makes me happy to see organizations like the Oceanic Preservation Society being supported. 

Some of my favorite animal awareness pieces are For the Oceans, Save the Dolphins, and Save the Sea Turtles which they have in rose gold too! Another fave is Save the Elephants because I believe elephants are among the sweetest of animals with such beautiful personalities and need our help immensely to keep them protected from the cruel and unconscionable harm humans bring to them. 

I also love the Clean Water for All pack, the Mental Health Awareness pack and the Mama Charm Bracelet which is a limited-edition that supports the March of Dimes. An organization that supports health for all moms and babies. Makes the perfect gift for the “MOM” in your life. 😉

So much detail, love, heart and soul goes into making these bracelets. It just takes my appreciation of them to a whole other level. If you’re not familiar with this brand yet, I highly encourage you to explore the Pura Vida website as they have so much more to offer – From bracelets to necklaces to rings to anklets to gift sets and more. They even have engravables. 

And if you still haven’t found a bracelet you like, you can customize your own. It won’t be long before you fall in love with them too! 🙂


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