Professional Development: How Changing Your Story is Detrimental to Your Success

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My first full time job was actually an accident!  I had applied for a part time position at The Home Depot but on my first day, I was told I would be working 8 hour days.  I freaked out and went into a panic.  I had just had my daughter a few months earlier and was not expecting to jump into a full-time job just yet.

So, at eighteen, you can imagine all the thoughts that ran through my head!

I thought of…

… going home for lunch and not coming back

… telling my manager, I applied for PT not FT to see if they would reverse it

… if I stay, how am I going to do this? This is a hard ass job!

… this was a huge mistake. I need to find a way out of this.

… this job isn’t for me; I can’t do this. Ugh

There was so much to learn and so much going round’ and round’ in my head.  I quickly became extremely overwhelmed and had no idea how I was going to get through it.  All I kept thinking of is walking out, quitting, and just never coming back.

Then, amidst the flood of fearful thoughts, I heard a little voice that whispered…

Just stick it out, Sandra. You can do this.

You have to; for your daughter. 

Just give it one more try!

The more I paid attention to it, the stronger it became.

And so, I decided to give it one more try with each new day, taking it one day at a time.  With each new day, I kept moving forward.  I chose to focus on the outcome of what the job could potentially result in versus the difficulty of the work in the process.

Yes, I was scared… I was TERRIFIED!

It was all new to me.  I was in a do-it-yourself warehouse superstore with high demands and products I knew absolutely nothing about.  Hell, if I knew how I was going to get through it.  I just knew that I had to.

I needed that job.

I made it my mission to learn everything I could so that I could become better at what I was doing and less overwhelmed.  I made it work.

Within 3 months, I went from being a cashier to a head cashier.  I was teaching product knowledge classes and training new cashiers.

Within 6 months, I was a front-end manager! I was training head cashiers and other department managers. Momentum was definitely on my side and working for me.

How did I do it?

I changed the story I was replaying in my head and learned to master the game.  The game of thought… Little did I know what I was doing.  I was just doing it.

This was before I ever learned about The Secret and the Law of Attraction.

The more I pushed through my fears, fine-tuned my skills, and developed momentum moving forward, the more confidence I gained in knowing that there is nothing I can’t do.

I said, if I can get through this, I’ll be able to get through anything and so it was.

To this day, I always say, working at The Home Depot was the best experience of my life.  It paved the way in my becoming of a leader.

What I learned is this…

It’s imperative that we eject the story we continuously replay in our head and start recording a new one.

Our thoughts will either make us or they will break us and unless we continuously work at intervening the thoughts that don’t serve us and redirecting them to those that do, we will always find ourselves on a downward spiral.

I also learned that growth is developed from within and having the desire to become better than you were the day before will allow you to build the momentum you need to reach successful outcomes.

If we allow fear to control our lives, we will never grow or evolve into the great beings we are truly meant to be and success becomes further out of reach.

You have the powerful ability to create a life you love. To be resilient in the face of adversity and to live an extraordinary life.

If you take anything away from this article, take this with you:

The only one standing in the way is YOU.  Change your story, and you will change your life.

Is there a goal you’re trying to reach or an event in your life you are struggling to succeed in but not sure how or where to start? I would love to talk with you.

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