Plant Life vs. Animal Life

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The question that I have been hearing more of is, “Why eat plants and not animals – aren’t they both ‘living’?”

It seems to me that the more people turn to veganism, those that aren’t,  are beginning to question plant life to justify their consumption of animals as being OK.


It’s not OK.  Animals have feelings.  They feel pain.  Unlike plants, which don’t.

Pain is a defense mechanism.  So, as humans, when we feel pain, we react.  Just like the “fight or flight” response.  Plants, on the other hand, do not have that ability so they are in no biological way connected to pain.  They don’t have a central nervous system like humans and animals do.

There is just no comparison whatsoever.

You can’t compare the pain and angst an animal feels when they are ripped apart from their baby or when they’re about to be slaughtered to a living plant that has no sense of pain or the ability to engage in a fight or flight response to the imminent threat or actual experience of pain.

Yes,  all creations on this planet,  are “living” on some level including water and the soil;  but a plant’s survival mechanism is not the same as that of an animal’s or a human being.

Our planet and all of God’s creations were created perfectly;  each with its own role on this earth.

We are not here to find ways to destroy it or its purpose.  We are here to love all living ‘beings’ and make use of the earth’s sources as they were created for us.  Not to make justifications to satisfy our selfish desires.


Our bodies were designed to thrive on raw living, plant-based fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, not animals.

There was a time,  however,  when men would hunt animals for food.  It was also a time when plant food was used as their primary food source.  It was only when their plant food supply would become scarce that they would turn to the hunting of animals.  It was for survival.

We no longer have that problem.  We have all we need to survive around us that there is no need to continue killing the animals or our planet.  It is no longer a need for survival but more so to satisfy human selfish desires.

It’s this same selfishness that is depleting our planet and natural food sources.

The time for change is NOW.

Until we can all come together and make a difference in the world around us beginning with changing our nutritional habits,  our planet and our natural food supply will continue to deteriorate.

Where there is a will, there is always a way.

You don’t have to start big.  You just have to start from wherever you are.

I encourage you to challenge yourself to start making changes today.  Even if it means starting small.  If I can do it, so can YOU.

If you would like guidance or to learn how you can get started in a way that works best for you,  I would love for us to talk!

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