Overcoming Adversity

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I know it has taken me a long time to post a before and after picture.  Especially this one, which was during a time when I was lost and disconnected from within.  Sadly, without even realize it.

Although I don’t have a hospitalization transformation story as a result of poor health nor did I have a near death experience, all which I am beyond grateful for, my journey of transformation has been more so one of overcoming adversity, triumphing, life exploration, self-discovery, cultivating self-love, and aligning with my higher-self.

What you see in the after picture is not only a reflection of my overcoming acne and an acne scarred face, but of overcoming an unhealthy lifestyle of…

– poor nutrition

– poor lifestyle choices

– conforming to the outside world

– putting others ahead of myself

and being driven by external factors versus those of higher consciousness from within. 

I was lost and confused with no direction.  Circumstances attempted to redirect me several times, until one day I finally allowed them to and decided to focus on me instead of continuing to fight against the currant; not realizing the damage I was causing in my life.  I had intoxicated my mind, body, and spirit but when I decided I was more important than anything or anyone else, I regained control and positive outcomes began to transpire.

Since then, life has never been the same.

When you accept, and allow yourself to be your center of focus and attention, you realize that you are no longer driven by the outside world but by something much larger than yourself.

One of the things I’ve learned, is that experience, good or bad, is our greatest teacher.  Without it, we wouldn’t be able to grow or develop into the great beings we were meant to be.

Some of the challenges I have overcome in my life have been those that have led to healing, acceptance, and forgiveness.  I’ve taken my experiences and now use them as a positive force to empower others in creating positive change in their own lives.

You see, if you accept your negative experiences and forgive yourself for all you’ve done wrong as well as those who have wronged you, you’ll realize that your wrong doings and negative experiences were actually all blessings in disguise.

There is a Reason for Everything

It’s no doubt that the challenges and obstacles we face at times are all a part of life and although it may not seem so during those moments, they are all there to serve a purpose and come to us just as they’re supposed to…

in perfect timing.

Sometimes we see sunshine and smooth sails while other times we are misled to believe we are out of treacherous waters when in fact we are temporarily caught in the calm before the storm.  Just like the sudden strike of a hurricane’s wrath when it whips right back around and catches you off guard while in the stillness of its eye.

Amidst all the trials and tribulations we endure, we gain valuable lessons that are meant to teach us, help us to grow, and at times redirect us.  Sometimes we overlook them and bypass them but if we’re in the right place within ourselves, we can acknowledge them, learn from them, and continue moving forward while evolving from them.  All while bringing forth some of the most powerful gifts of strength, courage, wisdom, and unwavering faith.

Life is truly what we make of it…

There is no greater blessing than to live a life of longevity, full of optimal health, vitality, love, happiness, and overall a well-balanced, toxic-free, abundant life.

We each have the powerful ability to make life everything we desire it to be.  No one can do it for you but before you can create a life you truly love; you must first learn to love yourself unconditionally and put yourself at the top of your list.  That is when you will begin to see the magic in your life unfold in ways you never imagined.

[bctt tweet=”No circumstance is by chance or luck; each one is created by intention, either by conscious awareness or by default. ” username=”RawandAlive”]

What is one lesson you’ve learned in your life that has changed your life for the better?  Share it in the comments below!

Until the next one!

Peace, love, and light,
Sandra xo

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2 Comments on “Overcoming Adversity”

  1. Hello Sandra, Your website shows how passionate you are about life. I love it. I agree with you about living a stress free life and eating only living foods. Health is one of the greatest gifts in life. You are an inspiration! Continue the good work. Your admirer, Raoul Valle

    1. Aww… Thank you so much Raoul. I appreciate your feedback and thoughts. That means a lot. It makes me so happy to connect with genuine souls and like-minded individuals like you. You too are true inspiration and its been a blessing to cross paths. Glad we see eye to eye on health. It is our greatest gift. Without it, we are nothing.❤️

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