Natural Weight-Gain System: Gain Weight the Healthy Way

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For many, the desire to lose weight is a common factor but for others, weight gain is a struggle and a major challenge.  With any kind of weight issue lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, depreciation of self-love, and even depression follows.

Just as there are many ways to lose weight, there are also many ways to gain weight.  Whichever the goal, the key to keeping the weight off or keeping it on is to make it happen healthfully and naturally so that it sticks.  As a result, your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love begins to increase allowing positive changes to make their way into your life.

Instead of eating your way to unhealthy weight gain, take the following steps to putting on the pounds the healthy way.

5 Tips to Healthy Weight Gains…

1. Undergo a short fast to improve digestion, prepare the body for the successful assimilation of nutrients, and elimination of toxins.  If you’re not an experienced faster, a supervised fast is recommended.

2. Increase raw food consumption.
– Keep cooked foods at a minimum
– Maximize all fresh fruits, especially sweet fruits
– Maximize dried fruits
– Increase starchy veggies such as corn, beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sprouted lentils, and garbanzo beans
– Maximize nuts and seeds consuming about 5-6 ounces a day
– Maximize avocados
– Use avocado dressing recipes in your salads
– Consume an extra fruit meal a day
– If you experience trouble with digestion, take 4-6 ten-ounce glasses of fresh, homemade juice or Raw & Alive smoothie recipes with freshly blended fruit daily versus whole food meals for a few days.
– Do all of the above for a month

Some alternative plant-based meal options for endurance athletes that will help throw in some variety.  Also for more inspiration, check out a day in the life of a plant-based vegan endurance athlete and what she eats for athletic performance here.

Keep in mind that high carbs are required for optimal health and athletic performance. The right carbs and those that come from whole fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

3. Switch to the fruit/nut/lettuce plan if you are still struggling to gain weight after doing all of the above for at least a month.
Breakfast: Eat an acid fruit meal with nuts and lettuce (acid fruits include oranges, kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit)
Lunch: Eat a fruit meal with lettuce and nuts if desired
Dinner: Eat a sweet fruit meal with lettuce
Extra Meal: Eat an extra fruit meal at some point throughout the day. Include avocados in proper food combination such as avocado and tomatoes.

4. Implement stretching and weight-training exercises.
Stretching: Incorporate a minimum of 20-30 minutes of full body stretching routines daily if your health allows.  If you have existing health conditions, check with your physician first.
Weight-Training: Incorporate 30-60 minutes of weight-training sessions every other day if your health allows.  If you are too weak or your health condition doesn’t allow you to go a full 30-minutes, begin with 10-20 minutes and gradually work your way up from there.  Get on a weight-training routine of at least 3 times a week with one full day of complete rest weekly.  Weight-training sessions should consist as follows:

a. Start with a 5-minute stretching warm-up
b. Weight-training session (30-60 minutes or 10-20 minutes)
c. Finish off with a 5-minute stretching cool-down

Play around with your weight-training exercises and find what works best for you.  Start off with a body pump class to get ideas on how to develop your own regimen or find a good personal trainer that can supervise and guide you in getting the weight-gain results you’re after.  Keep in mind that the more weight you add, the more gains you will get.  Increase your weight gradually.  Your goal should be to gain muscle, not fat.

On the days you don’t weight-train, take walks.  Avoid doing cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise throughout your weight-gaining time.  In addition to the nutritional, dietary changes listed above, the building of muscle tissue through weight-training will be your greatest implementation of all!

5. Put into practice daily all of the energy enhancers as you do away with all of the energy drainers while paying specific attention to the following:
– First and foremost, practice emotional balance
– Ensure you get sufficient sleep nightly
– Make time in securing rest as needed
– Make time for sun baths regularly if possible (before 10am and after 2pm for about 20 minutes on front and back side)

All these factors play a role in achieving optimal nutrient absorption, optimal athletic performance, and natural weight gain.  There are no shortcuts.  If you want to see healthy results that stick, you have to put in the work.  It’s that simple.

No one said lasting, positive change would be easy to achieve, but I can tell you that it is all worth every bit of effort you put forth.  RESULTS is where it’s at.

Your body’s physiology is extremely powerful.  Don’t underestimate it’s ability to heal and create natural lasting change.

The journey to living a holistic way of life and reaching optimal health is the most rewarding life adventure you will ever endure!

Have a question you’d like to ask? Post it in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

Love and light,
Sandra xo

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