Morning Herbal Cleanse to Jumpstart Your Day

Mornings have been my favorite for years. There’s nothing like starting your day refreshed with a clean slate and a body that is charged up and ready to go. It’s a total game changer! 

I wasn’t always a morning person but when I learned how important it is to hydrate and alkalize the body upon awakening for optimal output, it was a no brainer.

Why it’s important to alkalize the body

Alkalizing your body is essential for boosting mental clarity, hormonal balance, gut health, candida growth prevention, weight loss, cell rejuvenation, heart health, and most importantly reduces the risk of illness, disease, muscle degeneration and so much more. 

Maintaining a healthy alkaline pH balance around 7.4 is ideal for optimal health and wellness. How you can gauge if your body is alkaline or acidic is by becoming aware of how you feel and working to correct any ill feelings. 

The easiest way to know where you’re at is by using pH test strips to self-check yourself and see where you fall on the pH scale. This is more important than you know. 

Normally, I start the day with a glass of lemon water but some days, I’ll switch it up to an herbal cleanse for a more detoxing effect. It’s not only refreshing, hydrating and alkalizing, it’s a perfect way to get your energy and creative juices flowing for a successful start to the day!

Trust me, when you make mornings a priority and start incorporating rituals that amp up your morning routine, you are guaranteed to see results and wonder why you hadn’t started it sooner!

Start with this herbal cleanse for alkalinity and hydration which is what your body needs in order for it to fully thrive – mind and body. 

Easy herbal cleanse recipe

What you’ll need:

Handful bunch of cilantro, basil or mint herbs 
5-6 slices of cucumber
½ of a lemon, juiced
8oz cup of distilled water
16oz mason jar


Add the herbs, cucumber, and water to your mason jar. Then, using a citrus squeezer, squeeze the lemon into your water or hand squeeze it if you prefer. 


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