Maylyn & Co Vegan Silk Review

When Maylyn & Co. contacted me to ask if I would be interested in trying out their vegan, cruelty-free, plant based silk slip. And of course, as soon as they mentioned it was vegan, cruelty-free and plant-based… I was all in!

What makes this silk different is that it uses clean, plant-based materials that are vegan and cruelty free – giving it a similar soft, breathable feeling versus 100% silk which is extracted and harvested from the cocoons of silkworms aka caterpillars. 

Before they even have a chance to hatch into their next transformative state, they are killed, by placing them in boiling water or by steam blasting them to keep from hatching.

For the silk loving skeptic, a plant-based silk alternative may sound a bit questionable, which is why I knew I had to try it out to let you know if it’s really worth it.


There’s no way around it, 100% silk or plant-based silk is going to cost you a pretty penny.

What you’re paying for is the quality of the product and the feeling you get from wearing it. 

This particular piece is the Blueporium Vegan Silk Slip which has a price tag of $250.

If you have ever purchased silk you’ll know that silk can be pricey.

But did you also know that 100% silk not only keeps silkworms from gaining and spreading their wings… 

It’s found to be the second most polluting material, following cows leather, as reported in the Pulse of Fashion Industry report.

About the company

What I love about MayLyn is that their products are not only vegan, cruelty free and woven from organic lotus silk, they’re made with high ethical social standards which means they ensure working conditions reach the standards set by the International Labour Organization.

They also package their products using Eco-friendly solutions including the use of vegan glues. They are a family of less than 50 employees committed to quality and ethics and it shows in their packaging and quality of clothing.

They have also recently made the PETA-Approved list of vegan brands. 

Another thing I love about this company is that they donate a portion of their profits to a flower charity that makes recycled flower bouquets for the elderly at hospitals and nursing homes. 

They are all about love, kindness and compassion for all which is something that goes a very long way with me. 

It’s businesses like these that I fully support and wouldn’t think twice purchasing from.

You can learn more about them on their website at Maylyn & Co. here.  (Save 10% with code: SANDRA)

Because their products are made from lotus silk, organic and are plant-based without the use of synthetic or toxic materials, it eliminates sensitivity and irritation to the skin. 

Perfect for anyone with skin sensitivities or allergies. 

Quality is huge for me and I’m a firm believer that you always get what you pay for. 

Because it’s not 100% silk, you’re not going to get that 100% silky feeling but I can tell you that it comes really close and totally worth it. 

Especially when you take into account all the other aspects of production from beginning to end. 


This particular slip is soft, has a nice silky touch and comes beautifully made with lush floral print.. it truly is a beautiful piece. 

It also has an elegant lace trimming around the neckline and a satin bow perfectly placed in the middle. 

The nice thing about these slips is that they are versatile and can be styled any way you’d like – whether you use it for sleeping or dressing up a dinner outfit, it will definitely attract attention. 

Another nice feature is that it comes with inserts which I loved because if you’re like me and don’t have much to show for, these are always a must! 

The only thing though, is that I do wish they were more centered. 

They’re kind of spread out more than I’d like them to be but maybe that’s how they’re supposed to be. I don’t know. I’ve never bought any slips with inserts.  

I usually just wear a strapless bra with them which is why I thought this was a nice added touch I wasn’t expecting. 

Other than that, it truly is a beautiful slip and worth every penny if you like silk. 

The inserts are made of recycled plastic (plastic bottles), as opposed to traditional polyester which makes the product to be even more eco-friendly.


I would give this slip a 5 star for quality and ethics but a 9 out of 10 because of the inserts. 

For someone who is smaller than most in the boob department, this is a challenge so I would have liked it to be more centered…

…but overall, it wasn’t too bad.

I would definitely recommend this product for it’s – 

  • high quality, eco-friendly and ethical standards
  • the organic and plant-based materials used
  • softness and luxurious feel
  • and versatility 

Watch the video over on my YouTube channel HERE.


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