Manifestation Series: Turning Dreams into Reality

Good morning friend!

As I entered into 2021, I made the decision to fully commit to start bringing my dreams into fruition. It’s what I have been working so hard to do for the past 5 years but have only gotten as far as freeing myself from the 9-5. Obviously, I still need to work to keep money coming in so I’ve resorted to side hustles to make that happen. The problem with that is, that I have found myself hustling more than working on my dreams. Leaving me with little to no time for them. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle that you keep putting off what’s important or why you started it to begin with which is why I have decided to start a Manifestation Series.

The reason I embarked on this journey to begin with 

I’ve been through hell and back working for meaningless, non-stimulating jobs where I was underpaid and taken advantage of for years. And as a single mom, struggled to make ends meet. When I decided enough was enough and that I would never struggle or work for anyone else ever again, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey. 

I had no idea what I was doing or what I was going to do but one thing I knew for sure, is that I would make it happen one way or another. Problem is, I’ve spent so much time exploring and trying so many different things instead of focusing on just one. I am living proof that no matter how hard you work, if all you’re doing is working and hustling, nothing more will get done. 

I have been too tired from working all around the clock that I have barely made progress. Getting up earlier than I have been is a part of the solution and that starts today. 

Off to a great start 

I was up at 3:45 this morning and I have to say, I feel amazing!

I’ve gotten so much done and truly feel I am off to a great start. My intention is to keep it going every day. It just gives me so much more time and being able to start out with meditation makes a world of a difference. 

This morning, I started out with 45 minutes of mediation… That is the most I have ever done! I also bounced on my rebounder for 10 minutes. It felt so good, I could have kept going. I’ve since written in my planner, planned out my day and now, I’m here implementing the action steps. I’ll be heading over to the gym shortly and then on to planning the rest of my week before getting to work. It feels great to make progress!

My dreams

I have big dreams my friend as I am sure you do as well. Which is why a part of those dreams is to inspire and teach you how to turn them into reality through manifestation. 

For starters, a big part of the manifesting process is to think, write, and speak your dreams as if what you want has already happened and you’re already living it.  I will make my first post next Monday so be on the look out! 😉

You can expect to read topics around the experiences and dreams I want to achieve and hopefully inspire or help trigger yours. 

Some examples of topics may be around a perfect morning routine, a perfect spa day, a dream trip, and basically around dream goals. The idea is to be intentional about it all to laser in on them. I’m doing this to share inspiration with you and to also hold myself accountable with my commitment to make it happen. 

It’ll be interesting to see how it all unfolds. And, what better day to execute than on a Monday – Makes a perfect motivational and inspirational start to the week!

Together we can make it happen. Stick with me as we manifest our dreams and bring them into fruition together.

Happy manifesting! 


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