Manifestation Series: My Last Week in Bali

Rahajeng semeng! (Good morning)

It’s a beautiful morning here in Ubud at BeingSattvaa where I chose to book my stay for my last week in Bali. BeingSattvaa is a luxury, eco-friendly retreat where you can unplug and sink into paradise while reconnecting with yourself, nature and making new connections with like-minded people. 

It’s nothing short of magical and a perfect place to finish off my week. Although, I am not ready to leave. I have fallen in love with Bali, it’s culture and the people. I feel overjoyed and filled with immense gratitude. 

I woke up this morning to the sound of nature singing her tunes and the sun shining through into my room. Getting out of bed comes so easily here. How can it not? I’m surrounded by paradise!

After I finished my morning routine, I went on a meditative walk through the beautiful gardens to relax, take in the fresh air, the aromatic scent of the luscious flowers and greenery; feel the breeze from the swaying palms, banana plants, papaya and jackfruit trees, and simply get lost in my connection with nature. I’ve been walking around barefoot and ground myself into the earth. A practice that’s called earthing or grounding – Something I highly encourage for healing on every level. 

I finished off my walk with a swim in the beautiful kidney shaped pool that filters through the forest. I could soak in here all day! It’s a perfect spot for relaxing and taking in the breathtaking sunrise in the evenings. Something so beautiful you don’t want to miss. 

I also indulged in my first floating breakfast of fresh exotic fruit and freshly made cold pressed veggie and citrus juice – all from their very own gardens. It was food from heaven… So good and so delicious!!

Life is so simple here with so much to take in. I feel so connected and truly believe this is a dose of heaven on earth – So majestic and peaceful.

BeingSattvaa is all about creating a wellness experience for the mind and body. I’m so happy I found this magical place because it embodies everything that inspires holistic wellness on all levels from exercise to nutrition to mindfulness to rest and relaxation. It’s everything I believe in and absolute perfection. 

*Photo credit: BeingSattvaa

Photo credit: The Green Village

On tap for today 

Today I’m going to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me and take a tour of Bali’s Green Village. I’m excited to see how bamboo is used for sustainable living and what the bamboo housing looks like. I think it’s amazing to see people living off the land like it should be; not only with food being grown in their own backyard but putting to use what the earth supplies for us in which we take for granted in the U.S.    

I love exploring and learning about the Balinese culture. Especially knowing how down to earth and grounded in nature they are. It’s beautiful to me and makes me feel so good being surrounded by it. 

I know I’ve already said this but I am so in love with Bali. After seeing first hand what a magical place this is, I have every intention of investing in my own Airbnb here. It’s one of the many I have planned! Perhaps it’ll be a house in the Green Village.

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Photo credit: The Green School

I’ll also be visiting the Green School today which now has locations in New Zealand, South Africa and Tulum, Mexico.

I’m excited to see this amazing school doing big things in the lives of children. This is a prime example of how the school system should be. The work they are doing is phenomenal and is paving the way to some very bright futures!

Evening wind down

Before dinner, I’m going to take advantage of their Wine Me Down program which is an evening routine to prepare the mind and body for a restful night. Not that I need any help falling asleep here. Going to bed in an open and airy room where the sound of nature travels throughout and the natural breezes flow through is enough to dose me off into dreamland in a matter of seconds. 

Dinner here is another amazing experience in a beautiful dining room that overlooks the rainforest. Nature is all around me here no matter where I turn. It’s completely breathtaking. And the food is both vegetarian and vegan so there are a ton of dishes for me to choose from. Looking forward to their chef-made vegan cuisine! 

Although I’m a solo traveler, I have no problem meeting and interacting with people. For me, it’s fun. It’s a practice one can only develop out of self-love and appreciation. Plus, the Balinese make it so easy to feel comfortable and at home. 


This past month has been quite the experience. I’ve enjoyed getting lost in Bali with so much to see, do and explore. It’s a dream come true – one of many others to come!

Manifesting is a practice I highly recommend. I’ve been doing it effortlessly all my life. Funny thing is, before I became conscious of it, I didn’t even realize it. Now, I look back and realize I had been doing it all along. There has never been anything I wanted that I didn’t get. 

The one thing I didn’t do is dream big. It wasn’t necessarily out of fear but more so out of lack of belief that it could be possible for me. It’s the result of limiting beliefs that we allow to take over unconsciously that prevent us from reaching and living out our dreams. 

This is why the practice of manifesting and visualization is so important. It serves as a tool to help break the limiting beliefs that hold you back and lead you to your optimal potential in reaching goals and bringing your dreams to fruition. 

The key is to practice becoming conscious of your thoughts every day. Preferably, in the morning when you wake up and at night before going to bed when your mind is primed for maximum absorption and is the most impressionable. The more you practice getting in tune with your desired thoughts and visualizing them as if they have already been made real, the closer you will become to turning those thoughts into reality.  

You have to think it, feel it, believe it and know that it’s possible as if you are already living it or if it’s something tangible, think, feel, believe and know it as if it’s already in your possession. 

You got this! I know it.


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