3 Side Hustle Opportunities to Start Making Money Online

Looking for ways to make money online? For more time freedom? Perhaps, more time with your family, friends and yourself?

Maybe you want to travel more or do more of what you want instead of slaving in front of a computer at a desk job you hate while being surrounded by toxic people in a toxic work environment you can’t wait to leave the minute you walk in?

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That’s exactly how I felt 5 years ago before leaving my toxic 9 to 5. 

I may not have been prepared to leave financially but it was enough to get me to pull the plug. Thankfully, I had my parents to go stay with for a while in Florida but even then, I had no idea how I was going to keep money coming in. 

I took a huge risk but boy did I learn A LOT!I only wish that I had learned then what I know now about money making opportunities. I would have been so much better off much sooner and would have saved me from all the struggles and stress I endured in the process. 

The good thing is, I can now teach you and others how to gather up extra cash and build multiple streams of income that will help you turn that extra income into full time income so you too can leave your toxic JOB. 

There is no greater feeling than to wake up each morning knowing that you have the freedom and flexibility to do what you want, when you want and work from wherever you want without having to report to anyone. 


Here are 3 ways to get you started right away… 

#1 Get paid with timebucks

With TimeBucks you can make money by watching videos, funny slideshows, surveys, installing apps, following people on Instagram and much more. 

Restrictions: This must be your first time using TimeBucks and you cannot have duplicate accounts. 

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#2 Get paid with paying social media jobs

With Paying Social Media Jobs, you can work from home with online social media jobs that pay $25 to $50 per hour with no experience necessary. 

To start, you just need to take the 1-minute quiz to find out which social media job is best for you while getting matched with current available opportunities. 

Click here to take the FREE quiz and get started.

#3 Create passive income streams with affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing you can get paid doing what you already do while creating multiple passive income streams that allow you to make money while you sleep.

There are 3 programs that I’ve personally taken to gather information on and to see which one out of all of them is the best. And while I would love to say there is one better than the other, I found each one to have their own individual uniqueness. 

They all come value packed and lead to the same result which is making money online by selling other people’s products so that you don’t have to carry inventory of your own. 

There is so much to learn about affiliate marketing so giving you all that I’ve learned myself would be tough to do in one single post. 

I will say this… It has taken me years to figure out on my own and had I known about these programs sooner, I would have been much further ahead today. Now, I’m just grateful to be able to share this knowledge and information with you so that you don’t go through all that I went through and you can save yourself years of time. 

Like with anything, there is always going to be an investment you have to make. You cannot make money without investing time, effort and money into something first. 

And while you don’t need a course to learn affiliate marketing, it’s a better alternative than trying to figure it out on your own which will save you years of time. 

Each program is different and offers a variation of skills that all lead to highly successful outcomes. One of the differences is that each program is delivered on a different time frame. So, the choice would be yours as to how soon you want to get done with the training and started on making money. 

Program Breakdown

3-Day Freedom Breakthrough – A 3 day training jam packed with value and freebies that goes well beyond the $7 investment.

In this program, Jonathon dives right in to teach you how to build a successful online affiliate marketing business, step-by-step giving you all the tools you need to get started. 

5-Day Affiliate Marketing Boss Training – This is a 5 day training also jam packed with a ton of value offering a voluntary no-sales advisor call to help you get set up every step of the way. Freebies are also included.

This one is only $1 and will teach you how to make your first $1000 in affiliate commission.

In this program, Chad goes all in with his training and teaches you video strategies that differ from the others. I was amazed at all he included for such a small investment.

15-Day Business Builder Challenge – This is the one I started out with and got me on my way to making my first commission in less than 10 days. It also comes value packed with an advisor that will help get you set up every step of the way.

Full disclosure… The advisor will offer you upsells during your call BUT you can decline and still see the training all the way to the end. Freebies are included as well. The investment for this one is $7. 

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

The best part of this business model is this…

  • you don’t need to have experience
  • you don’t need a degree
  • you don’t need to carry inventory of any kind
  • you don’t need to ship anything
  • you don’t need to deal with customer service or customers directly

All while creating flexibility and time freedom. 

One thing I want you to know is that there will be upsells in each program. However, they are NOT REQUIRED to be purchased in order to complete the training.

The only thing you would have to pay for is the small initial investment of $7 or $1. This is very low risk and worth every penny for all that you receive. 

Just save the McDonald’s or Starbucks money and invest it in a training that will yield greater rewards as a result.

Totally worth it if you ask me. So much that I have no regrets investing in each of these training programs. 

But then again, I’ve been through so much crap working for previous employers while trading hours for dollars that investing in my financial freedom is a no brainer and I’ll stop at nothing to make it work. 

If continuing to trade time for money is something you want to continue to do, that’s up to you. I’m just here to share my experiences and help you in every way I can so that you don’t have to.  

>>Click here to start the 3-Day Freedom Breakthrough

>>Click here to start the 5-Day Affiliate Marketing Boss Training

>>Click here to start the 15-Day Business Builder Affiliate Marketing Challenge

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask. You can shoot me an email at sandra@sandrcampillo.com.

Rooting for your success!


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