Knowledge is Power

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The truth is, knowledge is not power.  It’s only potential power and if applied with daily, consistent action, it will open you up to unlimited opportunities for growth.

You can never gain too much knowledge and with the abundant data base that lies at our fingertips, there are no excuses.  There is always plenty of room to learn and expand.

It all begins with YOU and the choices you decide to make.

For example…

If you have the option to read or watch TV, choose to read or listen to an audiobook.

If you have the option to listen to the radio or listen to a motivating podcast, choose the podcast.

If you have the option to go to school and learn over dropping out only to take what is just a job, don’t hesitate. Go to school and LEARN.  It’s a privilege that some only wish they had.

So, you see my friend, there is opportunity to gain knowledge at every turn.  It depends on what you’re seeking that opens your eyes to it.  You just have to remember to choose wisely.

If you’re seeking to quickly get through the week so you can get your weekend fun on, then getting your party on is all you will see.

If you’re seeking for ways to create wellness in your life, then opportunities to learn how is what you’ll find.

If you’re seeking to find meaning in your life, then opportunities that teach you how to get there, will show up.

Whatever it is you are seeking, is what you will find no matter how simple or complex it is.

Knowledge becomes potential power when action is ignited.

As human beings, we have unlimited potential with the ability to learn and absorb knowledge like a sponge. It is one of the greatest gifts we have.  One, we musttake advantage of.

So, what are some of the ways fueling your knowledge base can serve you?

For starters, it can help build your self-confidence. Something that most struggle with. Gaining the knowledge needed in the area of struggle, will boost your confidence levels above and beyond.

Secondly, it can help you find your purpose.  Exploring various interests can lead you to self-discovery, finding meaning in your life, and living your life on purpose.  Another aspect of life that most have a hard time connecting with.

And, thirdly, it can help you find clarity.  Let’s face it, life just isn’t as clear cut as we would like it to be. If only it came with an instruction manual, right?! Since it does not, it’s up to us to figure it out.  The best way to do that is, by fueling your mind daily with powerful information that will inspire you to take actionable steps that’ll begin to clear the way.

This week, make strides by opening yourself up to one way that will begin to fuel your knowledge base.  Let’s say you have a tendency of watching TV.  Replace it with a book and start reading something that will awaken your senses.  The Good Life Project by Jonathon Fields, The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte or You are a Badass by Jen Sincero are all great books to start out with.

Remember, every step you take toward empowering your mind, body, and spirit, is a step closer to creating a life you love and living a life fulfilled.

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