Juicing vs. Blending: Know the Difference

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If you are lost in confusion between juicing and blending while wondering what in the world the difference is between the two, you are not alone.  I used to wonder the same myself so I can totally understand where you are coming from.  Two of the most commonly asked questions are, “What is the difference between juices and smoothies?” and “Should I juice or should I drink smoothies?”

I have been religiously juicing and drinking smoothies now for about 4 years and cannot stress enough how amazing they are and how incredible they make me feel!  Both have remarkable health benefits and deliver a power-packed punch of nutrients that help boost the metabolism, increase energy, aid in healthy weight loss, improve brain function, aid in reversing symptoms of anxiety and depression and much more.  By incorporating highly nutritious fresh, natural juices and smoothies into your diet, you are not only providing your body with complete nourishment you are nourishing the mind, body and spirit all at the same time.

The low-down –

  • Juicing:  Juicing extracts the liquid from the fruit and vegetables leaving nothing but the fiber behind.  In other words, when you juice, you separate the fruit and vegetable juice from the fiber so that all you are left with is the liquid.  Juicing is the best way to instantaneously hydrate and drench your cells with abundant nutrients, vitamins and minerals while giving your digestive system a much needed break from the work overload it undergoes day in and day out.

Incorporating freshly cold pressed juices into your life not only helps ease the digestive system, it also helps boost the metabolism, increases energy levels, jumpstarts the immune system, clears the skin, improves eye vision, strengthens mental processes & brain functions, reduces symptoms of depression & anxiety, aids in healthy weight loss and much more.

Fresh made juices should be consumed immediately to maximize on its nutritional value and to avoid the growth of bacteria.  If storing, store in an air tight container like the mason jar and keep in the coldest part of your refrigerator (usually towards the back) for no longer than a day.

  • Blending: With blending, you blend it all!  Blending incorporates both the fruit & vegetable juice along with the fiber in addition to also providing the body with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Fiber is essential to help keep the body regular and also helps to slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.

Blending fruits and vegetables into smoothies allows you to use the whole food in larger quantities leading you to feel full much longer as well as maximizing on essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  In addition to blending fruits and veggies you can also add sprouts, nuts, seeds, nut butters and other ingredients to the blend that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to put through a typical juicer.

Smoothies can be stored for no longer than two (2) days.

All in all, one is not necessarily better than the other.  Juices and smoothies are both beneficial to your health with one providing what the other one does not which is the fiber.

Juices & smoothies are convenient, time-saving and nutritious all in one; and are the most nourishing fast food type meals you will ever consume!

Nourishing your body with healthy carbs, plant protein and healthy fats in the combination of juicing, blending and eating complete well-balanced nutritious whole food meals is a great way to speed up your metabolism, supercharge your body and find your way to a healthier YOU!

Have a juice or smoothie recipe you would like to share or juicing/smoothie question you might like to ask?  Share them in the comments below.  I’ll answer your question(s) as quickly as possible.

Juice & smoothie cheers! Hugs! xo

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