It’s a Lifestyle, Not Just a Diet – A Healing Journey of the Mind, Body, & Spirit

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Getting healthy goes well beyond just nutrition and making dietary changes.  It’s making lasting positive lifestyle changes that stick versus a temporary fix from restrictive dieting.  There are a ton of diets out there with claims to give you healthy weight-loss results and although, they may lead to short term weight-loss results, the long-term results can be dangerous.

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It’s important to understand that losing healthy weight is more than just dieting.  It’s making overall lifestyle changes such as living with low to moderate stress levels, getting plenty of rest, exercise, and hydration that play a huge role in boosting weight loss effectively and allows you to maintain the weight lost moving forward.

It all begins with self-love.  If you don’t love yourself enough to do whatever it takes for you and your health, then meaningful, successful outcomes will always be out of reach and poor decision making will dominate your life.

When you learn to love yourself without conditions, you also learn to value your health, your body, and your life.

You also realize that there is no cost too high that can keep you from creating the life you love and deserve.

The view of “eating healthy is a luxury” then, becomes a thing of the past and “I can’t afford to eat that way” or any other restrictive thoughts you may have had, will no longer be something you express.  You will find a way to invest and create health in your life for yourself and those you love around you.  And, the best part is…

You will not only LOVE feeling AMAZING, you will be inspiring others to do the same without even realizing it.

In my upcoming workshop, It’s a Lifestyle, Not Just a Diet, I’m going to teach you what it takes to live a true healthy, holistic lifestyle that promotes plant-based nutrition and a cruelty-free way of life that brings together 3 critical elements for optimal wellness: the mind, body, and spirit.

I will be going over the top 10 energy boosters and energy drainers critical to your overall well-being, how the mind is a major role player in your success, how plant-based foods allow the body to heal naturally from the inside out, and much more!

I will also be addressing 3 of the most common struggles of…

– Where to start
– Feeling overwhelmed
– And tackling the challenges of your environment in the home, from a social aspect, and in the workplace.

Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t hold back when I get going… I speak and share my knowledge and message with passion, energy, and authenticity with the intention of making a difference in your life.  What you see is what you get – No hidden agenda.

Raw vegan finger foods will be provided by the Greenwave CaféRaw Juce of Weston will also be providing juice samples for you to enjoy.

It’s a Raw & Alive event you won’t want to miss!  The event takes place this Friday, April 13thfrom 6:30p-8:30p at Weston Yoga Wellness Center.  Seats are limited so be sure to sign up as soon as possible.

Click here to sign up and reserve your seat. (then, scroll down to the event)

The mind, body, and spirit are our most valuable assets. Nurture and value them, for without them, we are nothing. - Sandra Campillo

See you on Friday!

Love and Light,

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