How to Stay Active Working From Home

Coming from working a desk job for over 10 years, I know what it feels like to develop aches and pains you never had. I never imagined working a desk job for so long, let alone doing it at all. But that’s just the way things unfolded. 

Funny thing is, just before quitting my corporate job to embark on my entrepreneurial journey, I learned about the balance ball chair and was ready to get one of my own to bring to work. Yep, I was ready to lug that thing into work because my back and neck pain was just not having it anymore sitting in a desk chair all day long. It was getting worse by the day so I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t wait to leave! Lol

I was taking several walk breaks throughout the day, ‘eating’ my water and staying hydrated but still, that didn’t seem to be enough. 

Desk jobs really kick your butt and slowly deteriorate your body so keeping it moving is extremely important as well as fueling it with plant-based nutrition, predominantly raw living food. That’s where all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are!

I know times have changed with covid and most have taken their work home instead of the office which makes it much easier to stay active and eat healthier while being at home. You have every opportunity plus the flexibility to step up your self-care while working from home rather than the office. 

For starters, using a high-rise balance ball stool with an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat, a balance ball stool, balance ball chair or even a backless balance ball chair to sit on are not only great ways to increase activity in the body throughout the day but does wonders for your back, neck and spine. 

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Yes, you can exercise everyday and that’s amazing but that doesn’t solve the problem when you’re turning around to sit all day long. I know this because I experienced the deteriorating effects. So much that I had to have a vein removed from my right leg because of poor circulation which got worse over time. 

Reading the article, Sitting is the New Smoking was an eye opener. I don’t smoke but learning that sitting all day long was affecting my health despite eating healthy and exercising 4 times a week was more than enough to throw me into 5th gear and start doing more. 

Ideally, you want to get your body moving every hour. Sitting for more than an hour is too long. Overtime, you will not only continue to develop aches and pains, you will develop poor circulation and blood flow leading to a shortened life span. That’s the last thing you want. 

In addition to adding in the ball chair, using a rebounder makes a perfect add on and essentially life changing for your health. Being home makes it so much easier to use and all you have to do is take breaks every hour to bounce for just 2-3 minutes at a time. That’s it!!

Watch the video I made on this HERE

It keeps your body moving and in combination with either one of the ball chairs, you’ll be keeping your body active while you work. Most importantly, improve your health. You can also teach the kiddos how to do the same by having their own ball chair right beside yours or take it a step further by having them choose their own. Teaching them how to stay active from the start is a major plus for their future and well-being just the same. Why not make it fun as they learn, right? 

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