How to Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere Around the World

Search for Cheap Flights to Anywhere Around the World with the Skyscanner Everywhere Search

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Is your wanderlust burning with the desire of being able to travel anywhere around the world without breaking the bank? With cheap flights that will get you anywhere you want to go, it’s totally doable. All you need is flexibility and Skyscanner’s “Everywhere Search” option. 

So, if you’re open to traveling anywhere and everywhere and are flexible on dates, there are plenty of cheap flights to choose from world wide. Below are some tips to get you started on your wanderlust journey.

First of all, what is the Skyscanner Everywhere Search?

The Skyscanner Everywhere Search tool helps you find the cheapest flights from your desired destination starting point. For example, if your starting point is Fort Lauderdale, Florida and you want to take a trip to Costa Rica or perhaps take it over to Panama, you could potentially find a flight under $200 round trip. 

It’s a perfect tool for the indecisive wanderluster who wants to go everywhere but not sure where to start. So, why not start with the best flight deal, right? 

Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere Around the World with the Skyscanner App


Step 1

To start your search, open the Skyscanner App and click on Search at the bottom of the screen.  

Step 2

Next, click on the Flights icon at the top left of the next screen. 

Step 3

Tap the From field, enter the country, city or airport you choose to depart from. Tap the To field, and select Everywhere from the pop up screen. This will allow you to search for cheap flights currently available around the world. 



Step 4

Tap on the Date of Travel field. Here you can either select Anytime or Select whole month, depending on your flexibility. Anytime will generate flights available for each month while selecting the whole month will generate available flights for that particular month. Select specific dates if flexibility is not an option. 

Step 5

Tap Done after making your selection. You will then see a range of options for cheapest flights to everywhere. Now you can start exploring flight deals for each destination of choice by tapping on each and expanding the selection. Skyscanner will generate cheap flights around the world in order of cost. 


Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere Around the World on the Skyscanner website 

If you choose to search on your laptop or desktop computer, it’s a similar process with the same results but a slightly different look.

Step 1

Go to the Skyscanner website. It should automatically default to the Flights tab. If not, just select Flights to start your search. In the From field, type in the destination you will be flying out of. You can choose a country, city or airport. The larger airports will have a broader range of flight routes and will have the greatest potential in offering cheap flights to anywhere. 


Step 2

Click in the To field and click the popup box to select to search everywhere. The field will then populate to search Everywhere. By selecting everywhere, you will generate a search for cheap flights to anywhere around the world from your departure destination of choice. 

Step 3

Click on the Depart field and select the Whole Month tab. Then, click on Cheapest Month. This will generate the best prices for each month. Click on the Cabin Class & Travelers field and select the number of passengers from the drop down menu. If you don’t have flexibility, choose your preferred travel dates in the Depart and Return fields and select your search criteria.

Side note: When you search “Everywhere,” it will only give you the option to fly economy. In order to see First Class and Business options, you would have to select specific dates and/or destination city. 

Step 4

Next, click Search Flights to generate your results. Much like in the app, a list of cheap flights to anywhere will be generated. Skyscanner will list the best destinations around the world according to price from lowest to highest. Click on each country to expand the available flight options and find your preferred deal. 

Keep in mind that the more flexible you are on dates, the greater your chances are in finding an awesome deal. 


This is a great tool for comparing different destinations all in one search to help you find the best flight deal for your travel plans. Play around with different departure destinations near you to find cheap flights to anywhere.

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Your wanderlust adventure awaits!

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