How People Pleasing Can Cause More Damage than Good

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The only one standing in the way of your dreams is you.

It is your choice to be what YOU want to be and that girl boss can be ANYTHING your heart desires.

That’s right, YOU. You are the boss of YOU and the boss of YOUR life. So, ask yourself, are you truly living for YOU or are you living for everyone else? ⠀

Not living for yourself and living to please everyone around you hinders your ability to grow and become who you truly in your heart of hearts desire to be.

It’s important to remember that with people pleasing comes expectations. When you expect others to do the same for you and they don’t, it can become sadly disappointing and heartbreaking.

It hurts.

That doesn’t make you or the others bad people.  It just means you need to rethink who is it that you need to prioritize and the answer to that my friend, is YOU.  Yes, it’s important to be there for others but not when it affects your ability to grow and evolve as you were intended to.

For years I was a people pleaser myself.  Instead of deciding for myself and putting myself first, I conformed and made decisions that revolved around everyone else afraid of being judged, disliked, and not loved.

I later learned that all these things were coming out of me.

You cannot receive what you yourself don't have inside you to give.

When I learned to love and prioritize my needs and myself before anyone elses, my life began to change.  I learned that the foundational and most important elements to re-creating yourself in becoming all you want and more is the ability to care and love yourself unconditionally.

So, what are the two most important elements to breaking free from the “people pleasing” mentality and rising above?


Yep! It’s that simple.

It’s all about self-care, self-love, and living for YOU. We attract what we are.

Stop for a moment.

Be still. Quiet the mind and silence it… Just for a moment.

Think… feel… observe what your inner self is trying to tell you. It is only then, when you are in stillness and silence that you have the ability to connect, tap into, and hear what your inner voice is whispering to you. ⠀

Now, ask yourself again… Are you living for YOU or are you living to please everyone else? ⠀

Be the person you want to be beginning with putting yourself first and on a pedestal where you belong.

When you live for YOU, learn to please yourself and take actionable steps toward achieving your desired goals, you build momentum. And, when you build momentum, you let go of everything and anything that has been holding you back. You begin to look ahead and you put a stop to looking back.

Remember girl boss, there is nothing waiting for you when you look behind you but when you look in front of you, your dreams are patiently lined up and are yours for the taking. Pursue them relentlessly and don’t let anything or anyone keep you from bringing them to fruition.

Dream big and believe in your dreams with all your might. What happens next will surprise you!


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