Find Something to Smile About

Just like there is always something to be grateful for, there is always something to smile about!

Today, I found myself just cracking up for no reason. My mom was my photographer today and watching her try to keep still with the camera just made me smile. And, then… the laughter kicked in! 😂

It was hilarious and I didn’t understand why or why I couldn’t stop laughing!

I guess because I know how hard of a time she has holding the camera still and knows how picky I am about getting good shots. Because of that she stood holding the camera as still as she could so that the picture wouldn’t wobble or shift from side to side.

It’s little things like this that warms my heart.☺️

For that moment, I thought of nothing but the moment and how nice it was to have my mom there with me. I thought of how beautiful the day was despite everything else going on in my life because let’s face it, life isn’t perfect but it’s how we choose to look at it, that makes all the difference!

It was quite the chilly day but I didn’t even feel the chill.

Isn’t it funny how that happens?

When your focus goes from “how cold it is” or from your stressful list of “To Do’s” to something that makes you feel good, the game totally changes.

Give it a try next time you’re feeling stressed or need a “lift me up”. Shift your thoughts to something that triggers a smile or a laugh and hold that smile and laugh for about 65 seconds. Even if you’re not feeling it, do it anyway until you are completely cracking yourself up…

It’s a game changer, guaranteed!😉

Come back and let me know in the comments below how this simple exercise worked out for you.

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