Explaining the Unemployment Gap

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Having to explain a gap in your resume can be quite intimidating and nerve wrecking but before you can move on to your next job opportunity, you must first prepare with confidence.

Three (3) reasons why you might find yourself unemployed:

  • Personal choice
  • Termination
  • Reduction in force or layoff

I’ve experienced all 3!

Regardless, I always found a way to make it work and so can you.

The key is as simple as not giving up and boosting your self-confidence.  An interviewer does not want to hire a quitter or someone who is insecure.  If you reflect these traits, you have lost the opportunity long before going into the interview.

I’ve not only been the interviewee; I’ve been the interviewer and I know what hiring managers look for.

During the Interview

Here are 3 strategies that will help you smooth things over during your interview…

Be concisely clear and don’t over elaborate.  Just get straight to the point and be confident in your answer. Keep it short and sweet!

Reflect dedication, respect, and seriousness.  Ensure the employer that you are serious about the job. If you were unemployed by personal choice, reassure her/him that you have no intentions of taking any more breaks. Highlight some points of interest about the company that peaks your desire for employment with them.  It’s important that you show interest in the company you are interviewing for.

Express motivationin the job you are applying for.  This is your opportunity to sell yourself and show em’ what you’ve got.  You have skills; emphasize them and reflect confidence in your ability.

Having trouble landing an interview?

Here are 3 ways to explain the gap on your resume…

Use a cover letter to briefly explain the gap as well as highlight the skills that qualify you for the job.  You can emphasize motivation and seriousness for the job here as well.

Add a brief note on your resume that explains the gaps or include the date of the gap(s) with a brief explanation along with the your employment dates.

List the year instead of month.  This may or may not work in some cases, depending on the length or number of gaps, but it’s an option to keep in mind.  It’s a good way to hide the gaps without being dishonest.  Be prepared to explain further if you land the interview.

Update your LinkedIn profileto reflect your explanation for unemployment.

For further assistance with interviewing (before, during and after) or help navigating through unemployment and into the next chapter of your life with ease and comfortability, contact me for a free strategy session to put your game plan for success in place.

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