8 Best Eco and Zero Waste Subscription Boxes for 2021

Need help making your home and living environment more sustainable? These 10 best eco and zero waste subscription boxes will help you do just that. 

Subscription boxes are a great way to explore and discover new products that you wouldn’t otherwise know to buy or use. It’s a perfect way to learn about and try different brands to see which ones you like best before investing in their products. 

Whether you are looking to transition to more of a zero waste lifestyle, incorporate sustainable habits and work toward reducing your carbon footprint, when you subscribe to one of these best eco and zero waste subscription boxes, you’ll become inspired to create a healthier, greener, more sustainable living environment all around! 

All boxes are carefully curated and designed exclusively for sustainable and green living. 

Let’s start with the Urban Organic Gardener. This box comes with high quality heirloom, non-hybridized and non-GMO seeds along with gardening supplies and instructions.  The best part is, the seeds are customized to your garden preferences, characteristics, and location to make your garden a success! 

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KIWI Eco Box is a zero waste box to help you become more waste free conscious and start taking steps toward a zero waste lifestyle. This box is supplied with essential items for cleaning, food storage, personal care, traveling and are 100% recyclable. Perfect for exploring a variety of items and brands to help get your living space off to a less wasteful start! 

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Pure Earth Pets is a great box for the animal companions in your life. After all, they do play a huge part in our living experience. This is the first eco-friendly subscription box for dogs which I thought was pretty cool. It comes filled with sustainable toys and natural treats to make your furbaby’s life healthier and help them partake in your journey toward a greener life! 

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GreenUP Box is one of my faves and a perfect way to get started on your eco and zero waste journey with products made from bamboo, stainless steel and high quality plastic alternatives – All ethically sourced and cruelty-free. This box comes with the essentials for living plastic free and upping your eco-conscious home life game! 

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Easy Come Easy Grow is a monthly herb and vegetable seed box made perfect for anyone wanting to start a home garden and grow their own food. Something we all should start doing! There’s nothing healthier than growing your own food and seeing it bloom from start to finish. With your monthly subscription, you’ll get 3 different herbs and vegetable seeds in season per box with grow cards included. 

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Essentials Crate Box is an eco-conscious box to help you step up your daily living routine with premium, non-toxic, full-sized household and personal care products designed to help you make a positive impact not only in your living environment but on our planet. 

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Bloomin’ Bin is a flowers, fruits and vegetables seed box that comes with four plan options to fit your needs. I love that the Just Seeds Premium plan offers a binder with laminated seed instructions. Another thing I love is that sometimes they even include live plants! 

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Earthlove is another one of my favorites. This seasonal subscription box is perfect for helping you create sustainable habits, live mindfully and reduce your carbon footprint with 6-8 full size eco-friendly products, plus a book or magazine filled with inspiration that includes tips, stories and interviews. Save $160.05 when you purchase the seasonal subscription box – on sale now for only $59.95. 

Every step we take forward makes a difference when we make a conscious effort to become better, live consciously and compassionately, and improve our stay in Mother Earth’s world. 

Choosing the best eco-friendly subscription box

Whether you are looking for products to help you live more sustainably or would like to help someone you care about along their own journey toward an eco and zero waste lifestyle, these subscription boxes are a perfect place to start. Give some of these a try and have them delivered straight to your door. The excitement of receiving your first order and getting started is priceless! 

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