Earth Day Beach Cleanup South Beach Miami

Happy Monday! 

Last week I did a beach clean up for Earth day on South Beach with Debris Free Oceans and the beautiful eco-friendly 1 Hotels South Beach. It was so much fun!!

We started out just outside the hotel grounds and ventured out along the beach, boardwalk and in between to gather up as much trash as we could find. I was actually surprised to see how clean the beach was to begin with. The city works really hard at maintaining the beach as clean as possible but it’s not easy to keep up with when storms and high tides drag in the ocean trash. 

On any given day there is a crew of 25 people working to keep the beach clean. The crew is tasked with pick sticking litter, emptying trash cans and grooming the beach with tractors. “My crew gets up between 3:45 a.m. and 4 a.m. to arrive on the beach by 5:30 a.m.,” explains Andrew Cendan, Beach Operations Coordinator.

Cleaning the beaches is a 365-day-a-year job and is only modified during sea turtle nesting season. – CBS Miami

And that’s where beach clean up events come in like those from Clean Miami Beach, Debris Free Oceans. South Florida has a list of ongoing clean up events to help keep the beautiful Florida beaches clean and oceans free from any more debris than it already has. Our oceans and beaches are in serious need of our help.

It was a perfect day for a beach cleanup and my first of many to come!

Debris Free Oceans does such a great job organizing these events. They take care of everything including all the necessary supplies – buckets, bags, gloves and all the essential tools to comb the beach safely and successfully. 

Before starting, there’s an intro and send off so you know what to do and what time to head back. It’s nice if you have someone to do it with. Even better if it’s a team of friends or family to inspire each other to keep going and not end at just one event. 

There were many in groups which was nice to see. The more the merrier! Flying solo can get boring after a while but regardless, I do it anyway. Can’t sit around and wait for someone to go with me, that’s for sure! 

After the beach sweep, everyone headed back to the tent to turn in the trash so they could weigh the pounds collected. In turn, we each received a token from 1 Hotels for a free Earth Day sustainable cocktail with Mijenta Tequila – created with the earth in mind. 

Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves, especially wrapping it up with a cold one! I chose to make mine a virgin since I had to drive an hour back to Ft. Lauderdale. Otherwise, I would have totally tried it!


If you haven’t watched the Seaspiracy documentary on Netflix yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. 

To find a cleanup in your area, please visit Volunteer Cleanup for a beach location near you. 

Ocean Conservancy – Fighting for trash free seas. 

EPA – Trash Free waters

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