DIY: Miracle Clay Face Mask

Hello beautiful!

I’m excited to share with you my favorite and most amazing acne clearing, face smoothing, facial mask that I used to clear my face from acne scars…

It’s affordable, quick, soooo easy to make AND, it only requires 2 ingredients… Bentonite clay and water. That’s it! 

It not only clears your skin from acne scars and impurities, it gets rid of oily skin, draws out toxins, unclogs pores, exfoliates and rejuvenates damaged skin, removes dead cells, regenerates skin tissue, firms and tones your skin and so much more. 

It is truly, mother nature’s botox regimen!

The day I learned about Bentonite clay, I started using it religiously and have never looked back since! This clay recipe has been my go-to for facial masks and cleansing for the past 8 years. 

If you’re like me, you’ve tried all kinds of chemically “so-called proven” products that are not only toxic for your skin but toxic for your overall health.  

Proactiv was a big one and others like La Roche Posay and Obagi with Benzoyl Peroxide being among the most common active ingredient. All are pretty pricey and may work to some extent…


…but I can tell you right now, they do not fix the problem. 

I went from having pimply, acne prone skin and nasty acne scars to having clear, smooth, healthy looking skin. Results I never saw with any high-priced, “chemically proven” product. 

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d ever see the day my face would look this clear. 

And with a simple, natural face mask like this one? Yep… It’s possible. I’m telling you, this stuff works like a charm. You’ll be hooked after the first application!

Now, keep in mind that although this mask is a powerful miracle worker and serves as a natural solution to acne prone skin and smoothing out impurities, nutrition does play a predominant role in maintaining healthy looking, clear skin. 

When I started using bentonite clay, I was also in the process of changing my diet. I was eliminating dairy, sugar and highly processed junk foods. So, although you will see results, I highly recommend adjusting your nutrition to maintain those results. 

I don’t think you want your results to go to waste. Do you? 

Bentonite Clay Mask Recipe

Here are the supplies and ingredients you will need:

1 small glass bowl – I use a glass storage container because I typically like to make a large batch that will last a long time. This way it’s easy to just grab and use whenever I need to. You can store unused clay in the refrigerator.

2 wooden or plastic spoons – Because this clay has magnetic properties that pull toxins and impurities from the skin, using metal will cause a negative reaction and deactivate the clay’s healing properties. I use one spoon to combine and the second one in case I need to add more clay into the mix.

⅔ cups distilled water – Give or take to reach a smooth clay-like consistency.

5 heaping spoonfuls of bentonite clay – I use Redmond Clay because it works for both external and internal purposes. So, if you also want to drink it, please read label warning on the back of the container first. 

Aztec Secret Healing Clay is another brand of bentonite clay, calcium derived and is used for external purposes only. Either one of them will do the job.

Face Mask Applicator –  You can get these on Amazon for like $4-6. I’m using a brush applicator from EcoTools but I like the silicone applicator better. I’ve got that one on order. But you can use whichever one works best for you.

Headband – This is to keep from letting loose hair strands get in your face while applying the mask. Any headband will do.

Moisturizer of your choice – Right now, I’m trying out the E.L.F Daily Hydration Moisturizer and it seems to work pretty well. E.L.F is vegan, cruelty free and very economical in cost. Always try to opt for products that don’t involve the harming of animals. There is no reason to harm animals when we can get perfectly great products cruelty-free.


Begin by adding the powder to your bowl.

Then, add the water. Mix well until you reach a clay-like consistency. It may take a bit because it will clump until fully blended in. If you need to add more water or clay, go ahead and add in a little at a time until it begins to thicken.  

Take your mask applicator and start applying the clay. Be sure to apply evenly without getting it in your eyes. I like to apply about 2-3 coats to get it on really good. You can also apply it to your neck. This is great for tightening loose skin!

You may feel some itchiness and tightening during the application process. That’s the clay going to work. 

When you’re done, let it sit until it is completely dry. As it dries, you will notice it begin to crack. That’s the clay pulling the toxins out from the skin. It pretty much works like a magnet for toxins and impurities. 

It should take anywhere from around 30 minutes to an hour to completely dry.


You can do this one of two ways… I typically like to remove it in the shower so after applying the mask, I wait for it to dry before jumping in the shower. I have found that it is much easier this way as the mask can take a little longer to remove by hand in the sink. 

Unless, you choose to use the mask removal sponge.  This option works great if you want to apply a thin coat to remove makeup. A thin coat will usually dry much faster than a thicker coat.

After washing the mask off, you’ll notice that there will be some redness or irritation. This is perfectly natural. It will go away within 20-30 minutes. 

You will also notice that your face is dryer than usual. That too is natural but wait about 30 minutes before applying moisturizer on as your skin is still in detox mode for the next 30 minutes after removing the mask.

Depending on what you are looking to achieve, you can use this mask regimen 1-3 times a week. More if you have skin that is in dire need of repair. 

I used this mask on my face every day for a month to remove acne scars and impurities that had been scarring my face for years. After that, I narrowed it down to 3 times, then, 2 times, and now, I do about once a week. Sometimes two. Depending on how I feel.

As you can see my face is clear and I no longer have any scars on my face… This clay was the best solution for my skin problems I could have stumbled across and I absolutely without a doubt, swear by it. 

So, if you truly want to get results naturally and stop wasting money on products that only hurt your skin rather than help you heal it, I would highly recommend you give this regimen a try. 

Then, come back and let me know how it went by posting in the comments below. I would love to see your result pics! 

If you would like to see the video I made on this, head over to my YouTube channel here and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos to come! 🎥😊


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